Zensation Tea House

Zensation Tea House


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Have you ever had one of those days where you stand and look at the wreckage of what once resembled a living room, or that feeling of the walls caving in and swallowing you whole? Have you wanted to run from the house screaming, slamming the door behind you in the hopes that when you get back, the fairies that live down the back of the garden have weaved their magic and cleaned the house by the time you got back? Have you ever sat in the car and thought, "Where can I go for an hour or so just to collect myself and escape the madness that is everyday life?" The answer is .

Situated on leafy Bourke Street in East Redfern, Zensation is a beautifully quaint, family-run Tea House. The father-daughter team of Raymond and Christina Leung have captured centuries of tea tradition and are only too happy to share their culture and passion with every person that walks through their door. Never made to feel like a customer, but more of a student, I could have sat and listened for hours as Christina talked about her appreciation of heritage and tradition with her passion for the ritual of tea evident in her voice.

One indispensable piece of advice that was shared was that the process of tea making needs to be enjoyed and understood in order to fully appreciate the tea itself. People often get caught up in the numerous flavours of tea and yet miss out on the vital steps and understanding of the tradition and history behind it.

Sit and enjoy a perfectly brewed cup of loose leaf tea from an extensive menu and accompany it with Yum Cha and thoughtful conversation.The Tea House also showcases a myriad of Yixing Teapots – traditional clay teapots originating from China. I guarantee an investment in one of these teapots will have you starting your own collection. Purchase a cake of Pu'erh tea to condition your pot and, at the same time, savour this aged dark tea with its many well-known health benefits. Zensation also runs tea appreciation workshops and traditional tea ceremony demonstrations.

Not only did I relish the inner warmth that soothing tea provides, but I took away a new appreciation for tea drinking. Never again will I rush through the madness of another day without remembering to take the time to prepare and sit and enjoy the ceremony of tea as well as its flavour.

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