Yum Frozen Yogurt

Yum Frozen Yogurt


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I actually took a look on a few different websites and all of them state that the price range of is $ when in reality it's more like $$ or $$$ if you let it. just opened a few months ago in the Village At Pine shopping center and it was a hit almost immediately.

Unfortunately (for consumers), does not control how much yogyurt you get so sometimes you tend to get a little carried away, take your bowl or container up to the register and it comes out to, oh, $20 or more. Pretty darn crazy. I'm sure this was part of the profit ploy at and believe me I am sure they are making tons of money out of letting consumers control the yogurt themselves rather than having an employee do it for them! That's besides the point I guess. Lets get down to the nitty gritty - the flavors!

Flavors: Just like every other Yogurt shop out there, you have a ton of choices ahead of you. not only has its basic flavors like chocolate, strawberry, peanut butter, vanilla, etc. But, also has a lot of speciality flavors and new ones every single day you go in. Some of the ones I have seen have been cupcake, pomegranate raspberry and Carrot Cake.

Just remember, you are paying per ounce so don't get too carried away. Beyond the flavors that offers they have an entire bar just for toppings. Everything you can think of from the usual sprinkles and buts to cereals and sauces. Yes, I said cereals. Oh by the way, be a little aggressive when it comes to samples. You can choose to take a sample (just be prudent, don't take a cup and call it a sample folks).

Atmosphere: Not a whole lot of decor, but a few fireplaces, some chairs, etc. Very bright, lots of reds and whites, the machines at the one in Wexford are right in the middle of the store with comfy chairs on either side so you can sit and stay or go home if you want to.

The Service: is more of a self-serve type of place. The employees usually just stick behind the counter and stay there unless you have a question about something specific.

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