You're Next - Book Review

You're Next - Book Review


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"I learned something then that most people don't know: no one is safe. We all think we are, but at any second someone can erase you without a second thought. The world will go on, unchanged, like you were never there at all. Yesterday, Ava was alive. She had a normal day, just like mine. Math homework. Texting her friends. Dinner. Her eyeliner was never exactly the same on both eyes. Today, Ava is dead."

It's not Flora Calhoun's fault that she keeps finding dead bodies, but it's not a good look. Late one night Flora gets a text from Ava, the beautiful girl from her school who was almost but not quite her girlfriend for a while. She arrives in a dark alley just in time to see Ava murdered by someone with a gun. Now Flora has the choice to either use her detective skills to hunt for Ava's killer or to walk away and just try to be a normal teenager. It's not really much of a choice.

You're Next is an exciting debut novel from Kyle Schachte. It's a fast paced, exciting story for Noir fans, very much in the style of Veronica Mars. The plot is a little far fetched at times, and the story could have been told more succinctly if it had been pruned by about 100 pages. The only other things I didn't like about it were the generic sounding title and, though it isn't the author's fault, the cover. Why do women on book covers never get to have a face, and why do they so often look different from how they are described in the story? Flora is a natural redhead, but for the some reason, the artist has given her what looks like a fire engine red dye job.

There is a bit of diversity among the characters, including a bisexual main character. That was just not a thing in YA fiction when I was a teenager, so yay for progress! Don't read this book expecting a girl/girl romance though, because the main romantic relationship in it is heterosexual.

The plot is tense and full of satisfying twists and red herrings, and a lot of attention is paid to how the things Flora has been through have affected her relationships with her friends and family. There is some violence and explicit language, which is to be expected given the genre.

You're Next is a gritty, tense, young adult mystery novel. If you liked Veronica Mars it is definitely worth picking up.

Disclaimer: I was given a complimentary copy of this book by JIMMY Patterson books, via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.

Published: 7 July, 2020

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