You Can't Go to Bed with a Giraffe on Your Head - Book Review

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Posted 2023-05-07 by May Crossfollow
The main character in You Can't Go to Bed with a Giraffe on Your Head is a sweet little boy named William. The author, Scott Cohen, has dedicated this beautiful children's picture book to his son William. The theme of the book is William arguing with his mum about having a nap and all the reasons he can't (or won't) go to his cot.

The story is a journey across continents, that revolves around the toddler and various animals and birds. A few of the animals are African (for example, the eponymous giraffe and monkeys), and there are some Aussie favourites too (such as wombat) as well as others – even dinosaurs get a mention which will please a lot of kids I know.

It is intended to be a read-aloud book to be shared by parents with their children. The rhythm and rhymes bring it alive with humour. For example, "No chance of a siesta… These monkeys are such a pester." Although I think a trick was missed not rhyming "rhinoceros" with "preposterous". The story names parts of the body (head, chest, knees and nose) - a handy device for teaching kids parts of the body.

There is a nice little twist at the end. You'll have to read this whimsical book to discover whether William takes his nap or not.

About the Author
Scott Cohen is an ex-train driver from Brisbane who wrote and self-published this story as a passion project for his family. You can read more about Scott's personal journey on the book's website. This is Scott's first book and I hope that it won't be his last.

About the Illustrator
Mousam Banerjee is an Indian who creates beautiful digital illustrations for people around the world, like Scott. As an artist and children's book illustrator, he is in high demand and has several published books under his belt, such as Kiki the Homesick Koala and Float Like a Boat. Mousam has a Post Graduate Diploma in Fine Art and his colourful cutesy animal pictures in You Can't Go To Bed With A Giraffe On Your Head reflect his talent and affinity with children and storybooks.

About the Designer
Ryan Darcy Sim is a skilled graphic designer who added text to the written story and illustrations. He is also a fellow Brisbanite.

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