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Posted 2023-11-19 by Sydneyfunmumfollow

Frozen yoghurt places are all the rage, and there seem to be many popping up all over the place. Even in the middle of a cold snap, these places are buzzing. But why? The Lane Cove Yo-Chi only just opened, and the local residents were eager to try it out at 2 pm on a Thursday, with their kids/grandkids/puppies in tow.

Make these as individual as you are

The secret is in the delight you experience in making your very own bespoke frozen dessert creation. It's particularly fine to have a competition with your family members to see who can design the finest dessert. With enticing yoghurt flavours like strawberry, chocolate, cookies and cream and salted butterscotch, you can go in many flavour directions (or even go for a flavour combo). Then if you factor in all the possible toppings (chocolate soil, raspberry coulis, passion fruit and lemon curd, halva, Biscoff, etc) and you have an endless variety of desserts you can create.

My creation included salted butterscotch frozen yoghurt, sprinkles and crumble

Pricing of your creations is done by weight (if you purchase one of their cute little reusable bowls and serve it in that you get a 10% discount). Yo-Chi is committed to making environmentally responsible choices as retailers, and so encourages reusing serving ware and when using disposables, ensuring they are 100% compostable.

Going back to the earlier point, my husband won our little competition between our two teenage daughters and us, probably due to the more liberal application of sprinkles and other visually decadent treats such as freckles, Maltesers and glossy juicy strawberry chunks on offer to decorate.

Prettiest creation done by my husband

How can a place generate so many feelings of happiness and fulfilment? As you can see from the photos, even without the full range of toppings that will become available eventually (many fruit-flavoured pearls should be available soon!) we were able to create very unique desserts that showcased our individual personalities.

With a loyalty card and the ability to accrue points with every purchase that can then be used against future purchases, I can see how enticing the model is for clients.

My daughters said this was the best thing I did with them during the school holidays. Managing to impress grumpy teens is no small feat.

So do yourself a favour and take your family here for a treat. You won’t regret it!

The writer was invited as a guest.

Address: T15 & T16, 24-28 Burns Bay Road, Lane Cove
Website: https://yochi.com.au/yochi-venues/new-south-wales


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