Yo-Chi Newtown

Yo-Chi Newtown


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If you're a dessert lover and have been scrolling through Instagram, chances are you've come across Yo-Chi, Australia's hottest frozen yogurt brand.

Intrigued by the buzz surrounding it, I embarked on a journey to Yo-Chi 's recently opened Newtown location in Sydney. Nestled in a prime spot, this trendy venue promised a delightful dessert adventure like no other. So, with a mix of excitement and curiosity, I set out to discover if Yo-Chi truly lived up to the incredible hype it had garnered.

Conveniently situated in the heart of Newtown , just moments away from the vibrant train station and the bustling intersection of King Street and Enmore Road, Yo-Chi had positioned itself as a hub for dessert enthusiasts. Surrounded by a vibrant array of popular restaurants and entertainment venues, it was the perfect haven for those seeking a sweet treat post-dinner or after-show.

What's On The Menu?

As I stepped through the doors of Yo-Chi, I felt like I had entered a paradise tailored for dessert lovers. The buffet-style dessert bar greeted me with an impressive lineup of frozen yogurt flavours that promised to cater to every palate.

From the timeless classics of vanilla, butterscotch, and strawberry, to the enticing rotation of seasonal creations like mango and coconut, Yo-Chi presented an enticing array of choices. What truly impressed me was their commitment to inclusivity, with a delightful selection of dairy-free and vegan options available for those with dietary preferences or restrictions.

However, the adventure didn't stop at the yogurt selection alone. Oh no, my friends, it was just the beginning. The real magic awaited at the toppings bar, a haven of pure delight for anyone with a sweet tooth. Here, I found myself surrounded by a cornucopia of toppings, each vying for my attention. The choices were endless, with an assortment ranging from delectable cookie dough to fresh and tantalising fruits, and even the sinfully indulgent delights of melted Biscoff and Nutella.
Yo-Chi's expansion across the country was a testament to its meteoric rise in popularity. The Newtown venue marked the seventh opening in just a few short months, highlighting the brand's commitment to sharing its delicious frozen yogurt with dessert enthusiasts all over Australia.

Excitingly, there were plans for more venues to open throughout the year, ensuring that the Yo-Chi experience would continue to captivate and delight frozen yogurt lovers nationwide. With a new venue soon to grace the vibrant neighbourhood of Lane Cove, Yo-Chi's presence in Sydney would cover all four corners of the city, cementing its status as a dessert empire.

Final Thoughts

For newcomers to Newtown, finding parking can be a source of concern. However, when it comes to visiting Yo-Chi, you can set aside those worries. While parking may be a bit challenging in this lively neighbourhood, the popular frozen yogurt spot has made sure to provide alternative transportation options, ensuring that you can easily beat the traffic and indulge in your favourite treats without any parking-related stress.

Yo-Chi becomes a go-to spot for dessert lovers after their main course. As a result, the venue tends to pick up pace and attract more visitors as the night goes on. To make the most of your Yo-Chi experience, I recommend arriving earlier in the evening, ideally before 7 PM. By doing so, you can beat the rush and secure a more spacious and comfortable seating area.

Whether you're a Newtown local or just passing through Sydney, be sure to indulge in Yo-Chi's guilt-free pleasure and savour the deliciousness they have to offer.

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