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Tue 25 May 2021 - Sun 06 Jun 2021

Yielding & Big Horn — Flight Path Theatre

Yielding & Big Horn is a double-bill play by Crying Chair Theatre. Both plays took the audience members on a journey of ageism through exceptional performances from the cast.

Yielding by Emma Workman, followed Dot's (Tricia Youlden) life. Once upon a time, Dot had complete control of her life - she was bold and strong until she had a stroke.

With her body betraying her due to the stroke, Dot's middle-aged daughter, Liz (Emma Dalton), is the only person she relies on and trusts to take care of her.

Liz used to have a career, dreams and ambitions. Today her life is all about painstakingly and solely taking care of her mother.
Putting her life on hold, she exhaustingly battles appointments, chores, medications, bills, and, to top it all off, demands of her mother.

Liz is damaged, exhausted and frustrated and Dot knows the way out of the situation she has been put in and begs Liz to give her that way out.

Throughout the performance, we see Liz hesitating to give her mother "the way out" eventually, as the strain becomes overbearing, she knows that "this way out" is most likely the only way to end the agony. Liz wants some of the life back that her mother sucked from her.

We can see that both ladies are experiencing struggles, not just physically but emotionally and mentally. It was great to see both perspectives being played out, from seeing an aging parent no longer able to take care of themselves both physically and mentally. They are no longer the person they once were to seeing a child who sacrificed everything to help care for them, even though the burdens are heavy.

They both want to be seen and heard, they both want things to go back to how they were, yet both women know that this is their lives now.

Overall, the performance was brilliant and heart-tugging.

Written by Paul Rogers, Big Horn presented an empathetic look at the emotions we all know, love, loss, sexual politics and ageism.

This heart-rending and comedy took the audience inside one man's determination to hold onto his home and not let go of the past.

Losing his wife and son, Ray Bold (Richard Cotter) never stopped his fighting spirit and is determined more than ever not to move out of his home.

Ray's daughter-in-law Kate (Mel Day) tries to convince him to move on before the government resumes his property. But his bitterness, resilience and "foot in the mouth" attitude sees him battling it out with Kate.

Ray is a comedy of eras; he speaks his mind, has the mouth of a sailor and believes the past was a better pleasant place, while he sips whiskey and tries to liberate his libido unconventionally by seeing a sexy siren, which helps to diminish ageing, as he does not want to be a relic.

The performance was packed with laugh-out-loud humour and heartfelt moments.

Tickets can be purchased online.

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