Yellowface - Rebecca F Kuang: All About Women 2024

Yellowface - Rebecca F Kuang: All About Women 2024


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Sun 10 Mar 2024

When Yellowface by Rebecca F Kuang was published in 2023, it was one of the books that just exploded and became a book that just about everyone was talking about or reading. It seemed to be everywhere 2013 in reviews in publications and online, on just about every podcast I came across, one that book clubs everywhere were reading. That kind of book that somehow captures something within the zeitgeist and pulls everyone (or nearly everyone) into its atmosphere. It was a publishing sensation that commented on the idea of cultural appropriation in the world.

In light of this, as part of the 'All About Women 'series at Sydney Opera House, there will be a Yellowface event on the tenth of March at one pm. The novel is about June Hayward, a young woman who is friends with an award-winning author Athena Lu. Yet, when Athena dies in an accident, June steals Athena 2019s manuscript about Chinese labourers 2013 and publishes it. Whilst June doesn 2019t claim an Asian-American identity, she doesn 2019t correct people when they assume it is her background either.

And that is where Rebecca 2019s book is said to shine 2013 it is an examination of privilege and the publishing industry, and the way cultural appropriation is used in the world. The book is filled with dark humour and vindictive characters that will drive the conversation about morals, cultural appropriation, racism and the publishing industry and how things don 2019t always work out the way we want. The book, and this session, will provoke many questions about life and people 2019s morals with smart and sardonic commentary.

Questions like who gets to profit off society 2019s hunger for cultural diversity? How is this tackled and represented fairly? Do people within marginalised communities have to commodify their trauma to become famous or make money? These questions and more will explore the ethics that Rebecca has explored in her novel, and you will get to join her in conversation as she explores a world that capitalises on race and the complex ideas about who gets to tell what stories. This event will be in theatre and live-streamed, and will run for an hour, in English with closed captions and Auslan interpretation, as well as being wheelchair accessible. With Yellowface crushing the bestseller lists, getting the chance to join Rebecca F Kuang and talk about the complexities of race, diversity and cultural appropriation in today 2019s world through her eyes and the eyes of Juniper Howard.

The event will run from 1pm until 2pm, but this is a guide only, and the event is suitable for all ages, with those aged under fifteen needing to be accompanied by an adult. It will be presented in English.

Standard: $35
Livestream: $15
Livestream Festival Pass Early Bird (7-18 Feb) $55
Livestream Festival Pass Standard Price: $70


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