Yebisu Izakaya Restaurant

Yebisu Izakaya Restaurant


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Izakaya is a style of Japanese food which is served in small portions, similar to tapas. It's a great way to sample a variety of dishes and is also a sociable way to enjoy a meal. Yebisu is a popular izakaya restaurant and it's not hard to see why. Situated in the heart of the CBD, it's nestled away in Regent Place, away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city streets. As you walk down Regent Place and towards the restaurant, you feel as though you're stepping into a Japanese alley buzzing with restaurants, bright signage, lanterns and tantalising aromas drawing you in.[BREAK]
Yebisu has an extensive menu offering starters, mains, desserts and an impressive range of sake. It's a place to go with friends or take the kids with something for every taste and appetite. In addition to the more common dishes you'd expect to find such as gyoza, sushi, sashimi and nasu dengaku, Yebisu has something for the braver among you including beef guts hot pot, beef tongue and fusion style dishes which challenge the imagination but please the palate.The iPad ordering service on each table is appealing, fun and ensures a quick service, though there is a risk of getting a bit touch happy and ordering more than you bargained for. Keep an eye on the kids if they take control of the iPad! Thankfully, you can check your sub-total as you go.[BREAK]
The sake trolley is entertaining with each serve being accompanied by bell-ringing and fanfare. For those that want a beer, liquor or non-alcoholic drink, there is plenty to choose from.For Washoku Lovers Members (a great free membership opportunity that you can take advantage of), you'll be entitled to a discounted dessert, The Mochi, to finish off your meal.[BREAK]
Yebisu is more than a place to eat - it's an eating experience reminiscent of izakaya restaurants in Japan which will bring you back for more.Why not try Yebisu with the kids during the school holidays. Guaranteed to earn you some serious street cred!More information about the restaurant and menu can be found on the Yebisu website .

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