Yarn Bombing in Geelong

Yarn Bombing in Geelong


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What is Yarn Bombing?

"Yarnstorming (also known as yarnbombing): the art of enhancing a public place or object with graffiti knitting" (Or putting knitting on something unexpected in public and running away giggling wildly) according to an article on the web page "Knit the City: your friendly neighborhood graffiti knitting art collective" Knit the City

I wanted to highlight some Yarn Bombing that has been happening in and around Geelong city and the outlying suburbs, particularly in Norlane.

I asked my friend Cathy Walker for her permission to add some of her Yarn Bombing photos to my article. Permission granted. I will try and include some of my own photos too.

As you walk around the city of Geelong you may notice that poles and trees have been decorated with knitting and crocheting. I like the work that has gone into the items that are tied or sewn to the poles and trees.

In Norlane, we have a great shopping centre called Labuan Square. It is on Forster Street, Norlane and it's a great little shopping hub. There is a supermarket, post office, Labuan Square Pharmacy, Vinnies (Op Shop) - St Vincent de Paul Good Works, British & American Motorcycle Parts, the Bottle O, Norlane Newsagency, 2 & 5 (2 Serves of fruit, 5 Serves of Vegetables) - improving access to fresh food, Gourmet Street - Eat In and Take Away, A Bakery and Rino's Pizza.

Just a word about the 2&5, this shop is part of the "grow cook swap and shop" initiative for Geelong's Northern Suburbs. Their website is www.facebook.com/two.and.five.inc . Part of their motto is "Access to fresh healthy food is important, particularly the skills to grow, cook and share food as part of cultural and community living."

The street signs were Yarn Bombed :

I love the fact that women have spent time sitting down in groups, knitting and crocheting items to yarn bomb the trees and poles. I think it has been a huge effort and would have been lots of fun for everyone involved.

Even the pushbikes weren't safe:

After I started this article I went for a drive to Labuan Square. Most of the Yarn Bombing is gone now. I took a few photos of the square (shopping centre) which looked nice and peaceful. Only the Bottle-O was open.

I took a photo of the sign on the corner of Melbourne Rd and Forster St, then I looked closer and found that the sign still had it's yarn bombing knitted item wrapped around it. See the small shape at the bottom of the sign, like a rag wrapped around the pole!

On closer inspection I discovered that this was in fact part of the Labuan Square yarn bombing effort, so I moved it up the pole and took a few more photos. See below:

The image below was taken in Geelong city, in the mall.

I wasn't involved in the Yarn Bombing, however it looks like a lot of fun was had by all. Does anybody else have anything weird or wonderful to share with the readers and writers of Weekend Notes?

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