X Files: The Musical @ Brisbane Arts Theatre

X Files: The Musical @ Brisbane Arts Theatre


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Sun 15 Apr 2018 - Mon 04 Jun 2018

Mulder: "You have to be willing to see."Scully: "I wish it were that simple."Mulder: "Scully, you have to believe me. Nobody else on this whole damn planet does or ever will. You're my one in five billion."

Back in the early 90's, television was rocked by the arrival of The X-Files. Science fiction enjoyed a huge resurgence in popularity, and high school kids (as well as the younger kids and parents who hid their addiction) would breathlessly discuss the "monster of the week" before classes started.

The series is a cerebral romp through themes of intrigue, fear, metaphysics, philosophy and now with the magic touch of Brisbane Arts Theatre, a strong vein of music and comedy.

The Australian premiere of X-Files: The Musical is a hilarious parody production for both fans of the series and also people who have never seen an episode. This live show follows the same format as on TV, with Mulder and Scully discovering a human/animal hybrid on the side of the road. Mulder thinks that this may, in fact, be someone previously thought to be long departed....

So, are you a sceptic, or a true believer? All of your favourite characters are back, with Skinner and the Smoking Man also making appearances.

"Has the wool been pulled over our eyes? Is there something bigger, something grander, something more peculiar going on behind the curtain? Have men in boardrooms and backrooms crafted a conspiracy to hide the biggest secrets of the universe?"That's the age-old question, again posed by this iteration of the X Files, that we just can't seem to agree on. But we do know one thing: the truth is out there.

Artistic director John Boyce's familiar creative talents again strengthen this production. He has been a part of the Brisbane Art's creative team for a total of ten years, and prior to this had a distinguished acting career on several very popular Australian TV series.

Brisbane Arts Theatre's 2018 season is made of three distinct and concurrent seasons; The Early Week season presents parodies of well-known films, plays or stories designed to make audiences laugh, to remind us not to take anything too seriously and to encourage people to have a great time at the theatre. Brisbane Arts Theatre's parody season brings new audiences into a welcoming and relaxed environment; it's an absolute delight to have a quiet drink outside before the show starts and just soak up the atmosphere of this small, intimate theatre.& #8195 ;

A dedicated audience of over 25,000 people each year with all shows in the theatre achieving acclaim and glowing reviews is testimony to the members and management's perspective of 'keeping it real', refreshing in an industry often described as pretentious.

The season run for X Files: The Musical is just about to start, so make sure get your tickets early as it's sure to be popular!GETTING THERE

Getting to Brisbane Arts Theatre is very easy. Located at 210 Petrie Terrace, it's only around an 800-metre walk from Roma St Station. Plan your journey with Translink here

If you prefer to drive, there is free 4-hour parking available on either side of Petrie Terrace after 7pm on weekdays and at all times on the weekend. On Suncorp Stadium game days, Petrie Terrace is excluded from the Lang Park Traffic Area's 15-minute restrictions. To avoid a parking fine, do not park in the side streets during events, which are limited to 15 minutes where unsigned. Alternative parking is available on Countess St below Hargraves Park, parallel to the Busway.

To keep up with this and upcoming events at the Brisbane Arts Theatre, make sure to like their Facebook page .

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