Wynnum North Conservation Park

Wynnum North Conservation Park


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If I had realised that this existed when I was a Biology teacher, we would not have been gone on expensive Biology Camps to Northern NSW! This location is a little gem, right in the bayside, easily accessible and the kids couldn't get enough of it!

The walk started at Elanora Park where you will find a car park, dog park and toilets (not too far away in the sporting fields). We headed towards the Wynnum Mangrove Boardwalk where there were some great outlooks over the bay and an interesting view above the mangroves. The kids were able to read the information boards along the way and look out for mangrove dwellers such as small fish, birds and butterflies. The biology teacher part of me could not help but explain how the mangroves survive in such hostile salty waters. The kids had their cameras at the ready and busily photographed every living creature and beam of sunlight they could.

The mangrove walk will bring you out at the second part of the walk which is the Wynnum North Ramsar site and birdhide that meander around the salt marshes. The birdhide is nice to have a rest in an enjoy spying on the local birdlife, however, my children couldn't quite get the concept of remaining quiet while you looked for a bird. The signage in the hide explains what birds to look for and I was surprised at the variety that are in the area. I had noticed the birdhide from Port Drive a few years back and didn't realise that the public were able to access it.

The Wynnum Mangrove Boardwalk and Wynnum North Ramsar site and birdhide are walks only and no bikes or scooters are allowed but the paths were more than suitable for prams and wheelchairs and if you wanted to ride a bike in the area there was the section of the bikeway that ran along the other side of the dog path. But to enjoy the wildlife you would have to secure your bike somewhere and continue on foot.

It took us about 1.5-2 hours to get around because we were looking at signage and taking photographs but if you were just walking you could probably get the entire circuit done in an hour.

This walk rates highly on my walking with kids criteria.
1. Ample parking in either the Elanora Park or Wynnum North Road entry.
2. Toilets are available although a little bit of a walk (800m from the Elanora Park Car Park).
3. Good quality paths and seating along the way.
4. Points of interest such as signs to read or viewing platforms.
5. Picnic tables to have snacks at.
6. Play area in Elanora Park.

The only negative I can find is there were lots of dogs around due to the dog park being in Elanora Park. My daughter is a little skittish around dogs and although people were respectful and didn't let the dogs jump and smell passers-by my daughter was very nervous around them. We used it as an opportunity to try and educate her on how to react around strange dogs but if you have a child, who like mine is skittish in the presence of dogs, just be aware.

If you would like to see some video footage - https://youtu.be/HxNB1lwsOrA

Information from the Brisbane City Council is available at -


So get walking with your kids around the !

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