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Posted 2016-06-07 by Kristy Hornfollow
If spending time in nature can increase your lifespan, apparently, then maybe add an extra few years on top of that with a visit to this place - it's so beautiful.

Nature itself is succulent - but scrumptiously assembled, well cared for, well stocked, reasonably priced and lusciously laid out plants, pots, statues, mirrors, garden seats etc (think Feng Shui meets fairy garden) - makes for a 'hankering horticulturist's haven'.

Upon entering and perhaps as an extravagant entrée - the indoor gift shop is an abundance of splendour - to say the least, and not in a stuffy, overpriced way either. If you've come to the Nursery to buy some plants, don't kick yourself when you get home that you didn't also buy that ideal gift for that upcoming birthday while you had the chance.

Keep on wandering through and you'll 'unearth' the Nursery Café - which is the perfect provision should you accidentally stay for longer than you had originally planned (trust me, it's bound to happen with so much on offer). Even If you do just stop for an iced coffee.

Outdoors, the kids will be entertained by the talking cocky and some well fed carp fish. This should hopefully free up a few minutes for Mum and Dad to fertilize those ideas about whether to get the climbing rose for the front fence or the gardenia.

Finally, with all of the sweet smelling decisions finally mulled over and made, it's time to ponder whether it's the tranquillity of the place or the ever available friendly staff or simply it's natural beauty (most probably a mixture of all) which ensures that this Nursery never fails to inspire and delight.

Treat yourself to some fresh air, fun and sun and head on out to Wyee - who knows, it might even buy you some 'extra time' - which you might just need with your newly accumulated pots, plants and pavers!

Happy gardening.

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