World Science Festival Brisbane

World Science Festival Brisbane


Posted 2019-03-18 by Serenafollow

Wed 20 Mar 2019 - Sun 24 Mar 2019

Hold onto your hats and be ready to expand your mind! The is about to hit Brisbane CBD! If you haven't gone through the program and booked your tickets I suggest you get onto it now, before everything is sold out. I know I have, and I barely have enough time to visit every exhibit I want to.

Ok, first and foremost, you need to set aside some time to see the hatchery . This is by far the most popular exhibit as you get to see little baby turtles hatching and coming into the world for the first time. But be warned, there can be a long waiting time for a short amount of time in the exhibit but it is worth it! Plus, the exhibit will be open for longer hours than in previous years to try and accommodate the sheer number of people who want to attend.

Next, I recommend the street science, there will be about 30 booths of different science hands-on activity. Where each and everyone will have something you can interact with, which makes learning science so much cooler and engaging (especially for the little ones).

There will be a plethora of talks for all different age ranges, but everything is designed to be a way of integrating the super cool but hard to understand scientific discoveries into everyday life and accessible information. There will be guest speakers such as the famed Dr Karl , but also a whole range of art exhibitions where artists have been informed of scientific principles and will bring them to life in their artistic medium such as particle wave and innovation by design , which will be something amazing to see whether you're a science fan or not. Plus a number of science-themed films will be playing as well, and I must say I'm incredibly keen on seeing the science (and sci-fi) films.

Although I must say, what I'm most excited for is to see " Time and the Creative Cosmos " which will be held at QPAC and will include music as well as a dance troupe, and is bound to amaze.

There's something for people interested in all scientific fields from space and physics, to biology and environmental sciences. Including learning about super bugs , Antarctica , and going to Mars .

There's even comedy and science to really get you engaged in some of the newest science breaking the world's headlines! A live science podcast ! As well as the super cool Coral Watch where you can learn all about saving our amazing coral reef.

Of course there are many many educational programs aimed at children, which are to help encourage science and STEM topics in primary and high school children, with many great shows such as the national youth science forum and the unplug and play popup STEM playground .

Last but not least, hoping that the weather permits, I think the free stargazing event will be a show stopper, and definitely worth a look.

To see the full program click here (and you can filter through events based on genre, date, and location) where you can get more details about all the events available. Or you can see a summarised program for the whole event here (which is a lot easier to help you plan out your days).

There is simply so much to do, and there's definitely something for everyone. The hardest part is figuring out how to make sure you don't miss a thing! Don't worry about getting lost or confused though because there will be multiple volunteers helping out throughout the day ensuring that you get to learn the most out of the amazing exhibits as well as helping you find your way if you get a bit lost in the crowds.

My hot tip for you is to book all your tickets now before all the shows are sold out, and to make sure you come by public transport, because this festival is known to traffic hundreds of thousands of science fans and kids so make sure you've got an eye on your group and that you don't get stuck in a parking nightmare! Luckily for us all the cultural centre is conveniently located near the Southbank train station as well as many different bus routes.

Something else to note is that the events are all in different locations, most of them are in the cultural centre, but make sure you don't accidentally pick an event that's off site such as at the planetarium, or at the alternate festival sites such as Ipswich or Townsville!

Also, while you're there, be sure to check out the NASA exhibit being run simultaneously at the Queensland Museum.

You can tell that so much effort has been put into this fantastical and science-filled event that it would be an absolute shame to miss out! With so many amazing talks, exhibits, shows and art to experience you'll find yourself spending hours seeing everything.

So prepare that itinerary and get your thinking caps on, and get ready for a super fun and scientific festival!

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