World Pasta Day - October 25

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With so many shapes, sizes, colors, and varieties of pasta , it's nearly impossible for someone to not find a version they like. If
you're one of the many pasta lovers worldwide, get ready to dig into a giant bowl of it in celebration – it's World Pasta Day on October 25. It's a great opportunity to show your love for the food by going to a new restaurant, trying a different sauce recipe, or learning how to make pasta the proper way. Don't worry if you can't even boil water – by the end of the day you'll have a stomach full of pasta and maybe even have learned some new information along the way.

Learn the facts

While you're chowing down on World Pasta Day, be prepared with some interesting facts about the food. Many know that pasta is typically at its best when cooked al dente, but did you know that the Italian phrase means "to the tooth?" To learn some more interesting history and facts about pasta, check out .

Try new pasta recipes

With so many types of pasta recipes, it's hard to narrow it down to which one to make next. has a large collection of pasta recipes, some of which include Lasagna , Wisconsin Five-Cheese Bake , and Cajun Chicken Pasta . To perfect your pasta cooking technique, check out for some great tips and techniques. For those who want to have wine with their pasta but aren't sure what pairs well with certain dishes, check out for suggested wine and pasta pairings.

Try new sauce recipes

Your pasta may come out fantastic, but it's pointless if you don't have a great sauce to go on top of it. Despite what some may think, it's not difficult to cook sauce. The best thing about it, other than the homemade taste, is that you can control what you put in it – take the pepper out if you're not a fan of it, use low fat ingredients, or cut down on the salt if you so choose. The three go-to sauce recipes a pasta-eater should have on hand are for marinara , alfredo , and vodka sauces.

Take a class

There's so much more to pasta than just what many are used to – opening a box, tossing it in the water and hoping it doesn't come out stuck together or too tough or mushy. If you're in NYC and want to learn pasta info such as what sauces to pair with specific types and how to make pasta dough, the Institute of Culinary Education has several classes devoted to expanding your knowledge about the topic. Some of the classes include Pasta Mania , Couples: Handmade Pasta , Perfect Pasta: Fresh and Dried , Easy Fresh Pasta and Sauces , and Pasta 101 .

Wear the gear

On World Pasta Day, show off your love of the food by wearing pasta inspired clothing. currently has an " I Love Pasta " t-shirt for $21.99. They also currently sell a men's shirt that says " Powered by Pasta " that comes in a large variety of colors and costs $20.99.

On World Pasta Day, take a break from munching on the Halloween candy you're supposed to be saving for the trick-or-treaters and dig into a bowl of pasta instead. Halloween candy is temporary, the knowledge you learn about pairings, sauces, and pasta techniques is going to last you much longer.

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