World Garden Bucket List

World Garden Bucket List


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Here are some of the most inspiring gardens from different corners of the world to uplift the soul. Each one is unique and a stunning example of mother nature at her very best at any time of year. Hopefully, you might be lucky enough to visit at least one, or perhaps all of these in one lifetime.

1. Chateau de Versailles - France:

Covering 800 hectares, the extensive gardens surrounding Louis XIV's famous palace draw six million visitors each year. It is possible to spend days wandering around enjoying the classical layout of this garden.

2. Claude Monet's Garden - France:

The flowers and water ways of his garden at Giverney inspired Impressionist painter, Claude Monet for many decades. For admirers of Monet's paintings it is something very special to see the gardens and the house where he spent many hours.

3. Suzhou Gardens - China:

There are several different gardens within this UNESCO protected area, these include The Humble Administrator's Garden, The Lingering Garden, The Lion Grove Garden and The Master of Nets Garden, which was built way back in 1180.

4. Kenroku-en - Japan:

This garden is right next to Kanazawa Castle, Ishikawa, and is one of Japan's "Three Great Gardens". This historic garden is a pleasure to visit in every season - cherry blossoms in spring, snow in winter, red leaves in autumn, and irises in summer.

5. Butchart Gardens - Canada:

Victoria Island is home to these world renowned gardens, where each section is like an immaculate outdoor "room". During summer, the gardens are filled with thousands of lights and during spring the entire gardens are filled with blooming flowers.

6. Kew Gardens - England:

It takes an entire day to explore the different aspects of these Royal Botanic Gardens in Richmond, south-west London. Princess Augusta founded the original Kew Gardens in 1759, and the herbarium here is now the largest in the world.

7. Jardins Majorelle, Morocco:

Designed by French painter, Jacques Majorelle during the 1924, this blue themed garden and villa was later gifted to Marrakesh by fashion icon, Yves Saint Laurent. It is also an archaeological museum, housing the Berber Art Museum.

8. Keukenhof Gardens, Netherlands:

Visit during spring to see seven million tulips in flower at these gardens which are known to be the largest in the world. This is also the best place to see the Russian Black Tulip, Baba Yaga.

Have you visited any of these lovely gardens? Do you have another favorite garden anywhere in the world to add to this bucket list?

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