World Bicycle Day - History and Action

World Bicycle Day - History and Action


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Wed 03 Jun 2020

As World Bicycle Day is on the 3rd of June 2020, let's make sure we are ready to live up to it – yes, pump those tyres up and fix those brakes. Above all check the tinkle on your handlebars, before donning your helmet, and head to one of the nicest bike paths on the North Side of the city which is Kedron Brook Bike Path. This is a very long bike path and you could practically traverse a good part of the city. Here is a map of Kedron Brook and you can see how extensive it actually is.


Before we set off just a quick note on the significance of the day.

This is taken from National Today . The United Nations officially designates June 3 as World Bicycle Day.March 2016Sibilski appears at Scientists for CyclingSibilski speaks at the Scientists for Cycling colloquium in Taipei, Taiwan, and argues for a World Bicycle Day.February 2016World bicycle day gathers momentumProfessor Sibilski publishes another blog post for the World Bank titled "Why is there no world day for the bicycle?" Momentum begins to build.February 2015The movement beginsLeszek Sibilski, a sociology professor and cycling and physical education activist, writes a blog post for the World Bank titled, "Cycling Is Everyone's Business."
WORLD BICYCLE DAY ACTIVITIES- Plan a trip!"No matter where you are in the world, we're sure that your city or town will look completely different once you start to explore it by bicycle. Many cities have dedicated bike lanes that allow you to ride at your own pace and convenience. And many bicyclists love to get outside of town to take in the sweeping vistas and wind-in-your-hair excitement of rural bicycling."

So that's the challenge and off we go -I shall guide you along the Grange part of the bike path, which is north of the river and the one I am most familiar with and through Grange Forest Park.

There is a great little parking area, which is next to Grinstead Park. I love the elaborate stone feature at its entrance. The adjoining park is mainly a play area for children, but if you follow the bike path, it will lead you under the road and onto the main bike path.

As you turn gently to left, you will see a few houses by Appleby Road and then a sign which says Murray Crossing. They were a farming family in Everton Park, the sign tells us.

There are several bridges which you can cross, the first one is decorated with figures of bats along the railings of the bridge. There is also a lovely quote embedded in the path.

Carry on along the bike path and enjoy the beautiful flowers which are out in force at the moment. The banks along the brook are absolutely covered in Japanese Sunflowers or tree marigolds. They are so sunny and affirming, it is hard not to smile seeing them. Interspersed throughout the sunflowers are the bright purple and blue flowers of Morning glory and the combination of the two is a sight to behold.

The bike path continues for a few kilometres along the brook and the bushland. Sadly Spotlight, the shop, comes into view and then on the right side fences and notices to say that the whole area is cordoned off and the trees are being cut. I asked what was being planned there and apparently, a road will be taken right through there to alleviate the heavy traffic in a nearby intersection. These are signs which are not really what we want to see, so it becomes even more important for all of us to have a say in these plans when we can and to appreciate more than ever the clean air, safe paths and fabulous bushland around us.

Talking of which look at this splendid bird - looking down at me.

The bike path extends much further than my poor tired legs can take me. I leave that up to all of you to explore further but don't miss the opportunity to plan your trip and celebrate World Bicycle Day now that I have provided the taster.

Photo from Wikimedia Commons Nourbaty

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