Woodgate Beach General Store

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Posted 2022-12-12 by T. A. Rosefollow

A 45-minute drive from the Bundaberg Rum Distillery, Woodgate Beach is surprisingly impressive. Once one arrives at its esplanade with the tide out on an expansive beach with gently lapping waves, it really hits 'quite a sweet note'. On an hour's visit to this beachside community, I got to see the beach, the general store and cafe, the caravan park and admire the interesting real estate from renovators' dream houses to more refined beach pads. Hence, I realised I could describe why one should visit the general store on a visit to Woodgate Beach.

The General Store - as seen on Facebook

There is very little commerce in Woodgate, however, there is a general store midway up the esplanade. It happens to serve weekly specials, so as an example of such bargains I was very fortunate to get the Monday cod and chips (that only needed a tear in the wrapping and hands for consumption) for ten dollars. It's a spacious store, as the township's population swells a few times a year - for festivities and holidaymaking, so the store is oversized but not in an unprofitable manner. This store is also now a licenced cafe and has a great range of ice cream and pizzas along with doner kebabs, barista coffee, cold drinks and lollies, hence it's a little shop geared up for a day (or a lifetime) at the beach. The store sells a community calendar with magnificent photography as Woodgate Beach is a photographer's paradise for its spectacular yet also its quirky side.

The beach has the softest, playful, subtle and rolling waves - they make a sound yet don't induce any fear, although I was happy just to admire how for others on this beach that building sandcastles stress-free was beneficial to them. I could simply admire this relaxed community enjoying endless space while enjoying the calmest seaside fish and chips meal. Woodgate Beach is truly the slice of paradise we all crave, exuding timelessness yet on a beach with such safe swimming waters that are ideal for a bodysurf.

Getting to Woodgate Beach

For access, roads from Bundaberg and its rum distillery are surprisingly good but not smooth yet indeed are tarmacked - especially as Woodgate Beach is popular for local travellers. I can see that local creeks could cut the roads off to the community as I saw frequent flood warning signposts and low-lying roads that are capable of flooding. Woodgate Beach is also accessible from the Bruce Highway by turning off south of Childers. Unfortunately, there's no public transportation to Woodgate Beach but airport shuttle buses are an expensive way to travel there due to Woodgate Beach's 50 kilometres distance from Central Bundaberg.

Woodgate Beach, with cool and luscious tropical seaside air, calmed the mind when visiting and it definitely has its charm. A sunny afternoon with the tide out, with a satisfying meal from the local store made me feel happy about the general store at Woodgate Beach and the beach's abundant natural beauty.

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