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Posted 2013-11-15 by Sara Ikmalfollow

I remember when I first tasted a Wondermilk cupcake. It was possibly around five or six years ago, and back then they were selling the beautiful sweet treats on a made to order basis. If you wanted a box, you would have to drop by their house and pick it up. The franchise has come a long way since then, and now there are Wondermilk___Map.html three Wondermilk outlets around town. Their first one was set up in Damansara Uptown while the other two are at Citta Mall and Publika Shopping Gallery.

I visited the Citta Mall branch with Nick and Fyra, the same day we visited Stickhouse For desserts. Neither one of us had ever eaten at their cafes before, though we've tasted their cupcakes in the past. My favourite part about Wondermilk is the atmosphere. Quaint and colourful, the cafe is cosy and welcoming with its vintage wall decorations, exposed brick and funky knick-knacks. The number we were given upon ordering was in the form of a weighted tin can, wrapped in paper. Our tabletop was a shabby chic print complete with the Wondermilk logo in the corner. They definitely don't hold back on the eye candy!

Alongside the fun decor, there's even a kid's corner so parents can enjoy their meals while the children entertain themselves within a safe distance.

For a drink, I got a macadamia wondermilk, which is part of their signature line of beverages. Fresh milk is given a shot of flavour and served in a little coffee cup. There are quite a few flavours to choose from, such as vanilla, toffee, banana, caramel and butterscotch. You can even opt for either a cold or hot drink. Mine was served cold. This was a deliciously refreshing milk drink, and the macadamia flavour really gave it an awesome punch. I wish there was more of it for RM7, it's really not much for what you pay.

As for my main meal, I went with the pesto chicken surprise, which is one of their recommended sandwich options. The dish came with shredded chicken chunks lathered in basil pesto and mayonnaise, between two slices of toasted multigrain bread. On the side is a small serving of potato salad and fresh, leafy veggies. I found the sandwich to be quite tasty, and the mayo was just the right amount to complement the chicken and pesto. The potato salad was just alright. This dish was priced at RM12.90.

Nick bought the super beef and fries to share between us, for RM13.90. This was the best dish we had in my opinion. Just some cheese curds short of a Canadian poutine, the crispy fries are topped with beef strips and brown sauce. Served hot, the combination of meat and potatoes is heavenly.

Fyra went with the super cheese burger, which lives up to its name. The burger patty is fat and covered in melted cheese, mustard sauce and onions, and served with fries. I didn't taste this, but Fyra said that it tasted good. The burger cost RM16.90.

Nick on the other hand, ordered a sandwich called the mushroom melt. One of the meat-free options on the menu, this sandwich is similar to what I had but with sauteed mushrooms instead. It's a reasonably nice meal, but I think it was probably not as filling as what I ordered. It's a bit cheaper than the chicken pesto surprise, at RM10.90.

After a relaxed lunch, I couldn't resist going to check out the cupcake counter. Wondermilk has a wonderful way of decorating their little baked treats, and they come in a variety of flavours and colours.

In the end, I got myself a rocky road cupcake, topped with a couple of tiny marshmallows. I hadn't had one of their cupcakes in a very long time, and while I can say that they have improved since the first time I tasted it, this cupcake was just so-so. It was a bit dry and crumbly.

All in all, Wondermilk is a lovely place to hang out with friends. There were quite a few groups of people there when I visited, and there was a very warm and cheery ambience to the place. Just the spot for a comfortable afternoon relaxing in a cafe.

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