Winmalee Drive, Glen Waverley

Winmalee Drive, Glen Waverley


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Winmalee Drive (Melways map 71 B.8.) is a one km. meandering walk past some colourful gardens full of flowers. It runs on Springvale Road.

Roses were the most numerous of flowers with a multitude of colours to admire.

Crape myrtle trees are flowering with their masses of colourful blooms.

Winmalee Drive is a well-established street, but unlike many others in Glen Waverley, it has fewer unit developments. Consequently, a couple of picket fences were observed.

Agapanthus were abundant in many gardens. In some areas, they are considered a noxious weed, but when in full flower they look attractive. One garden has its entrance path meandering through a maze of agapanthus. Rarely seen was a verge garden, completely replacing the grass nature strip.

Jacaranda and oleander trees are flowering, as were several flowering gum trees. There is something magnificent in a tree covered in flowers.

Grevilleas were another native flowering plant in many gardens.

Only three walkers were encountered.

An occasional daisy and gazania flowers were seen, not as many as in some gardens.

A remnant of the past was a now abandoned corner milk bar.

A colourful lantana bush stood out. They are a genus of about 150 species of perennial flowering plants, native to tropical regions of the Americas and Africa.

Many bird baths have assumed a life as flowerpots, as have other things such as wheelbarrows. A wheeled seat on a front port looked inviting.

Only two species of birds were observed. Two magpies and a number of rainbow lorikeets that had descended upon a flowering gum tree. When rainbow lorikeets descend upon a tree you usually hear them before seeing them. They are noisy eaters.

A protea bush was an attractive addition to one garden.

Not often seen was a black eyed susan flower. Several plumbago ground covers, geraniums and iris flowers added to the array of flowers.

Crocosmia, ginger lily, hot lips salvia and hebe flowers were others seen.

A bright yellow day lily against a paling fence in shadow stood out, as did the strangely named pigs ears.

Two gardens had garden lamps, an attractive addition to a garden.

A section of the drive is part of the Scotchmans Creek Trail, with appropriate sign postings. A group of cyclists were observed following the signs.

At the western end of Winmalee Drive is a small park leading to the Herriotts Boulevard Wetland Reserve. Both worth a visit.

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