Windsor Depot for Containers Refund

Windsor Depot for Containers Refund


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New Container Recycling Depot Opens in Windsor

Just recently, a new depot for returning eligible containers through the Containers for Change program has opened in the suburb of Windsor. This is great news for residents looking for a convenient way to recycle their bottles and cans and earn some extra cash.

When you recycle with Containers for Change, you get a 10-cent refund for every eligible container you return. The list of eligible containers has recently expanded to include not just water bottles, soft drinks and juices, but also spirit and wine bottles. Most aluminium, glass, plastic, steel, and liquid paperboard beverage containers between 150ml and 2L qualify for the 10-cent refund.

Millions of eligible containers have been returned and recycled.

Eligible containers must be included on the Containers for Change scheme's list of accepted products and display the clear refund mark, such as "10c refund at collection depots/points in participating State/Territory of purchase". However, there is an exception - glass wine and pure spirit bottles are exempt from displaying the 10-cent refund mark until January 2027.

The 10-cent refund scheme encompasses a vast array of containers, including of water bottles, soft drinks, wine, and spirits, both in cans and bottles, as well as small bottles and cartons of pop-up juices and flavoured milks.

The new Windsor depot offers a hassle-free recycling experience. Instead of lugging heavy bags of containers into the depot yourself, waiting in long queues, you can simply drive in and the friendly staff will unload everything for you. They'll count the containers and give you your refund on the spot.

Since the inspiring launch of the container recycling scheme, Queenslanders have enthusiastically embraced the opportunity, already recycling millions of eligible containers. This remarkable achievement is a testament to the community's unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship and creating a greener, more sustainable future. Each and every container returned represents another small but mighty step towards a cleaner, healthier Queensland. The resounding success of this initiative is truly something to celebrate, as it exemplifies the power of collective action and our ability to make a meaningful difference when we come together for the greater good.

The entry of Windsor's depot is at 81 Newmarket Road, Windsor suburb 4030.

Collecting and storing the eligible containers couldn't be easier - it's a seamless process that makes recycling an absolute breeze. And the stellar team at the Windsor depot takes it one step further, generously providing special bags to people who bring in their containers. You can even pick up extra bags to share with neighbours and friends, encouraging them to join in the fun and earn a little extra cash along the way. It's such a wonderfully convenient and community-oriented system that truly empowers everyone to make a difference.

At the Windsor depot, the process couldn't be simpler - you just drive in, and the courteous staff swiftly unload your vehicle and meticulously count the containers, allowing you to then seamlessly depart, only to return another day with a fresh batch of eligible items.

Otherwise, you can just drop your bags labelled with your scheme ID and the diligent workers count the containers and deposit the money in your bank account through your registration number.

Just drop your bags full of eligible containers in the dedicated containers for change. Make sure to label the bags with your ID. Later on, the staff will count the containers and deposit the money into your bank account.

The depot also makes it easy to donate your refund to a charity or community group. You can simply quote their member number when returning your containers, and the full 10-cent refund will go to support their cause.

Recycling through Containers for Change is a great way to earn a bit of extra money while also doing your part for the environment. And with the new Windsor depot, it's never been easier.

This new depot in Windsor makes it easy for everyone in the area to start collecting their eligible containers and take them to the new Windsor depot. Get the family, friends, and neighbours involved too - the more containers you can collect, the more money you can earn or donate. Let's work together to make Windsor an even greener community.

It's wonderfully convenient to have the opportunity to get money back when returning used containers - a truly brilliant initiative! This program has been a boon for the community, empowering people to support local charities, provide children with cherished pocket money, and put cash back into family budgets from the refunds on water bottles and other eligible items.

Queensland's visionary Containers for Change program is a shining example of the state's commitment to environmental stewardship and community engagement. This innovative container refund scheme not only incentivizes the recovery and recycling of beverage containers but also helps to dramatically reduce unsightly litter across the region.

As of November 2023, Queenslanders have even more rewarding options to contribute to this worthy initiative. Glass wine and spirit bottles are now eligible for the 10-cent refund when returned to a designated container refund point.

This multifaceted program empowers Queenslanders to make a tangible difference, while also providing a welcomed financial boost. It's a true win-win that elevates environmental consciousness and community spirit throughout the state.

Windsor depot is great for return containers. It makes it so easier for everyone to return their containers.

Recycling opens up a world of endless possibilities that benefit both our planet and our communities. When we make the simple choice to recycle, we unlock a treasure trove of opportunities that can have a tremendous positive impact.

By responsibly recycling materials, we conserve natural resources, reduce energy consumption, and cut down on greenhouse gas emissions. But the advantages extend far beyond environmental preservation. Recycling also generates valuable raw materials that can be repurposed into new products, fuelling the growth of a robust circular economy.

This cyclical system creates green jobs, boosts local economies, and provides accessible streams of income for individuals and families. Recycling empowers us to take an active role in building a more sustainable future, while also contributing to the greater social good.

When we recycle, we're not just disposal of waste - we're investing in a brighter tomorrow. The possibilities are truly endless, as each recycled can, bottle, and paper product represents another chance to create something new, reduce waste, and make the world a better place. It's an incredible opportunity that's available to everyone.

Recycling is a shining beacon of hope, illuminating a path forward to a more sustainable, eco-conscious, and community-minded future.

The Containers for Change Scheme: Manufacturer Accountability Drives Sustainability.

Containers for Change is a comprehensive product stewardship arrangement, where the costs of operating the scheme and recovering the containers for recycling are covered by the drink manufacturers themselves. This innovative model ensures that the companies responsible for producing these beverage containers take direct accountability for mitigating the environmental impacts of their products.

The Queensland Government has appointed an industry-based, not-for-profit organization called Container Exchange (CoEx) to serve as the Product Responsibility Organization (PRO) for this initiative. In this role, CoEx is tasked with developing and managing the container refund scheme throughout the state.

As the designated PRO, CoEx is responsible for ensuring the container refund scheme operates effectively and efficiently across Queensland. This includes guaranteeing convenient, state-wide access to designated container refund points where residents can return their eligible containers.

The government selected CoEx as the Product Responsibility Organization due to the group's extensive structure and experience in undertaking comprehensive product stewardship initiatives. This industry expertise equips CoEx with the necessary capabilities to successfully administer the Containers for Change program and fulfil its critical role.

By shifting the onus onto manufacturers, this product stewardship model ensures the environmental impacts of beverage containers are proactively addressed, rather than passed on to consumers or local governments. It's an innovative approach that positions Queensland as a leader in sustainable waste management practices.

Each 10-cent refund returned represents another step towards a more sustainable Queensland, as residents happily recycle their eligible containers and contribute to the growing success of the Containers for Change program.

Not Eligible Containers

While the container refund program encompasses a vast array of eligible beverage containers, there are certain types that are excluded from the scheme. Generally, any containers under 150ml or exceeding 3 litres in volume do not qualify for the 10-cent refund.

The list of excluded containers includes plain milk containers of all sizes, including plant-based milk substitutes. Cask wine containers are also ineligible, as are any 1-litre or larger containers that previously held flavoured milk, pure fruit or vegetable juices, cask wines, or cask waters. Additionally, concentrated or undiluted cordial and syrup containers, as well as any sachets above 250ml that contained wine, are not part of the refund program. Finally, registered health tonics packaged in eligible container sizes are exempt from the scheme.

The container of your milk is not eligible; you can put it in your yellow recycle bin.


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