Wildlife Photographer of the Year at the Wool Museum

Wildlife Photographer of the Year at the Wool Museum


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Did you know there is currently a world class photography display on at the Wool Muesum in Geelong? In fact we are the only Victorian host and first Australian stop for the world renowned and prestigious Wildlife Photagrapher of the Year exhibition. The Geelong display finishes on the 1st of March 2015 so you will need to get in this week and if you live in Melbourne its well worth the trip down to check it out.

Now in its 50th year, the exhibition has grown from its original roots of around 350 entries to more than 40,000 in recent years. I cannot even imagine how long the short listing process runs for and in fact the entries are nearly closed for the next round of the competition.

The exhibition is located on the top floor of the Wool Museum and is wheelchair accessible via ramps, but no lifts.

I highly recommend turning right as you go in the door rather than left. My reasoning behind this is they have a conservation category which is displayed just on the other side of the wall. The images are haunting and fabulous but I personally think its nice see then first then move on to the less depressing images of the main competition so you can finish on a high note.

Displayed around the centre of the exhibition are the finalists and winners of the various categories and they are just simply stunning. From abstract images of the ocean to macro views of feathers and fur, it is a truly visual feast of the wonderful natural world that surrounds us.

The winner of the major category *spoiler alert* is a spectacular black and white image taken using infrared technology, of a pride of lions on a rocky outcrop overlooking their enchanting Serengeti homelands. It's an image that portrays Africa as the remote and exotic destination that those of us who have never been imagine it to be.

The final display is the Young Photographer category and the winner is an exceptionally talented eight year old, who captured the judges imagination with his beautiful image of a scorpion.

The completion is facilitated by the London Natural History Museum which gives you an idea of the exceptionally high calibre of the images on display. At only $8.25 for adults, $4.50 a child and $6.50 for concession it is a bargain price to pay to be visually captivated.

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