Who is the Ukulele Dream Girl - Review

Who is the Ukulele Dream Girl - Review


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Sat 24 Aug 2019 - Sun 25 Aug 2019

Who is the Ukulele Dream Girl? - Review

Local award winning cabaret performer & community artist Phi Theodoros brings her favourite instrument - the ukulele - to the audience and performs a solo cabaret show for the first time. It's not just a show but also a journey of reflections of ourselves and our society in a light-hearted and delightful way.

The show is performed in the Bakehouse Theatre in the city. The stage is decorated with some indoor plants and a rug which amplifies the homey feelings of this small & intimate theatre. Phi started the show with her a capella singing followed by the joining-in of the ukulele. Her voice fills the theatre with charm and reminds me of the singing of a nightingale. It's sweet and holy.

Weaving between her songs are stories & poems that take you through different aspects of your life and society. There were so many clever lines that I could relate to myself, my friends and family. She delivers something almost like a resolution to self-worth and self-love. I wish I had written everything down so I could share her wisdom.

Be prepared for some audience interaction in such an intimate show like this one. Lose yourself in it and you will enjoy the show even better. There are 11 songs in this one hour show. A few of them are written or co-written by the talented Phi.

Each song dug deeper into my inner self. Layers and layers of thoughts and ideas lifted up from me responding to the lyrics, the music and the rhythm. Before I knew it, the good time was over and the show ended leaving me feeling empowered and charged. Phi received some serious love from the audience – standing ovations. We all clapped and cheered for her for giving us a wonderful & enjoyable night.

It's certainly a treat to see this show preparing us for spring. The only area where this show doesn't live up to my expectation is the missing flower crown.

I will leave you to wonder who the ukulele dream girl is. Get along and see this show if you can - the season is very limited with only 2 shows remaining. You can see the Who is the Ukulele Dream Girl? at the Bakehouse Theatre , 255 Angas Street in Adelaide on Friday the 23th and Saturday the 24th of August. Tickets for the show are available from the Bakehouse website .

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