Volunteering Your Time - Where to Volunteer in Perth

Volunteering Your Time - Where to Volunteer in Perth


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Volunteering is for all ages - whether you are studying, working, or retired. Giving back to the Community and helping worthwhile causes is just as important as donating money to charities.

How to decide which one to do?

That is a difficult question. First you need to decide if there is a particular charity that you wish to support. If not, then you may have some idea of what you want to do. If you still do not know what you would like to do, the following are some ideas on where to start:

Volunteering WA ;
Seek volunteer ;
Indeed ;
Adzuna ;
Government Volunteering Department

It is surprising how many organisations require volunteers and finding a job that you love can be quite a difficult task due to the sheer volume of positions available. The difficulty lies in picking the one that is right for you!

You will not get paid, however you will meet many other people through volunteering, from all walks of life and from all different cultures.

Why not consider some of these positions which could be fun, interesting, and help so many underprivileged and/or sick people.

The WA Cancer Council is always looking for volunteers in several different areas. If working with cancer patients is not your thing, and you want to help sick people, you can volunteer at most of the hospitals around Perth. There are many things you could get involved in, such as talking to patients, changing and putting flowers in water, and these actions in turn could help to cheer people up.

His Majesty's Theatre is an Edwardian Baroque theatre in Perth, built around 1904, and they conduct daily tours of this heritage listed building in the City of Perth.

There are several Government Agencies where you can apply to help new migrants who need help, often with basic things such as going shopping and understanding what is in our supermarkets. What a great help to have a local person help a family becoming familiar with many Australian basics!

The Red Cross is a very worthy cause, and they have a variety of different, important roles a volunteer can become involved in.

If you love books, the State Library is an interesting place to volunteer.

The Department of Fisheries has various volunteer jobs that are a very important and valuable contribution to science in a number of different ways. You can help by just going fishing and recording what you catch in a logbook!

For a very serious and life-saving volunteer job, Lifeline give you training to help the many thousands of people suffering from severe depression, thinking of suicide or just needing to talk to someone in times of need.

Volunteering at Kings Park - If you have a passion for native plants, conservation, local heritage, learning, or simply meeting people, becoming a volunteer here offers great satisfaction and rewards.

And now for something completely different, as John Cleese would say, if you like working with animals, why not apply to volunteer at the RSPCA . Here, you need to be able to commit to at least one shift per fortnight for a period of at least three consecutive months to ensure consistency for the animals. The RSPCA have quarterly induction cycles specially designed for animal volunteers.

There are many animal shelters that would love to have you help with stray and unwanted pets, and some of these include:

  • Dogs Refuge Home
  • Best Friends Animal Rescue
  • Poops
  • Animal Companions
  • Darling Range Wildlife Centre
  • SAFE Perth - here you can also help by fostering a pet.

  • The other place where there is a large turnover, and volunteers are always needed, are at op shops -those natty little shops dotted around the countryside where you can spend so much time, and occasionally pick up great bargains.

    These include:
  • Save the Children who create better lives for children both in Australia and Overseas, and have 15 stores
  • Samaritans known as Good Sammys
  • The Salvation Army who do such a wonderful job keeping people off the streets
  • Anglicare who have nine stores throughout Perth
  • Vinnies , one of the first op shops

  • These are the larger ones and a fairly up to date list of all op shops can be found here .

    You will meet a lot of people in an op shop and apart from helping your chosen charity, you can also have fun in this field. One thing most volunteer organisations require is to make the volunteering experience as positive and enriching as possible. To this end, volunteers are generally asked to show commitment towards their role by advising the company when they cannot make a shift, and committing to a weekly or fortnightly roster.

    Whatever your field or whatever you would like to do, making time for volunteering can be both extremely necessary for the charities, and can give you a lot of self-satisfaction - and for just a few hours per week or fortnight, you can help others at virtually no financial cost to you.

    Give it a go!

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