4 Great Places to Send the Kids on the School Holidays

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Posted 2013-04-04 by anonymousfollow

School holidays are here and if you're looking after the children the whole time, where's the time for you? You don't have to take the kids out every day, play games with them every day and revolve your plans around theirs. Here are 4 places you can organize for them to go some days to give you a break.

1). Grandparent's house
Organize a trip for the kids to go see their grandparents. Get them to pack up a box full of activities if the grandparent's house doesn't have many toys. Drop the kids over and let them play with grandma and grandpa for the day. It's the perfect time for kids to see their grandparents and spend time with them. If kids are comfortable enough, organise a sleepover as well. Make it fun by bringing sleeping bags, a favourite soft toy and a family movie they can watch with their grandparents.

2). Friend's house
Some people can be lazy in this day and age, but it's all a matter of picking up the phone and making plans. If your child has a friend they want to see during the break, call up their parents and organize a day. You can return the favour a few days later and let the child come over to your house.

3). Cousin's house
If your child has cousins close to their age, then they'll be on school holidays too. Organise a day where your child can go visit their cousin and play together. They can have a sleepover as well if your kid is comfortable with that.

4). Most primary schools offer a school holiday program where kids can go to excursions with the group in the school holiday program. My brother's primary school used to do things like a ferry ride around Melbourne, laser tag, bowling and one school holidays they took the kids to Luna Park.

If the school doesn't offer this, call up your local community centre and see what programs are available during the school holidays.

Don't feel bad about sending your kids away, it's only to keep you sane and give you a break. Kids won't even think of it that way, they'll be happy to go visiting someone. Always return the favour and look after a niece or nephew, or their friend if they go to their house first.

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