Where to Get a Free Cup of Coffee

Where to Get a Free Cup of Coffee


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I reckon my coffee addiction (mug of skinny cap with no sugar and extra hot please) costs me at least $28 a week. Which is roughly $1500 a year. And hey, that's almost the cost of a return plane ticket out of here.

So it's great to know that there are all kinds of ways to scrounge a free cup of coffee in Melbourne.

One way is to become a member at IKEA. As we'll as offering 50% off a selected meal at their cafe, membership entitles you to free hot drinks Monday to Friday. Membership is free .

And in terms of nice spots to drink coffee if you sit in the window seats at KEA in Richmond there are lovely views over the Richmond skyline.


Most people know #8206 ;">Michel's Patisserie as a place where you can widen your waistline. Michel's is also trying to get the message out that they serve great coffee. Last year in fact they won the Coffee Shop of the Year 2012 - Awarded by Roy Morgan Research.

In the month they are dubbing as 'Judgement June', they invite you to try their coffee for free. Complete their form CLICK HERE and they will email you a free coffee voucher.

Free Cupping Sessions

For coffee connoisseurs there are a number of places that run free cupping sessions. This is when you learn about coffee by sniffing and tasting it and so on. A loud slurping noise is quite acceptable so the coffee spreads to the back of your tongue.

You also get to use great descriptive terms such as ashy, caramel-like and woody. There is even the descriptor animal-like, which apparently means "characteristic odour of wet fur, sweat, leather, hides or urine. It is not necessarily considered as a negative attribute but is generally used to describe strong notes."

Market Lane Coffee in Prahran runs these fun sessions every Thursday to Sunday from 10am to 11am. No need to book - just turn up. Although to avoid disappointment you should arrive 10 minutes early. (Shop 13, Prahran Market/163 Commercial Road South Yarra 9804 7434)

Then there is the now legendary Seven Seeds in Carlton. As well as broadening coffee palates, these sessions provide a great insight into the coffee business. (106 - 114 Berkeley Street Carlton 9347 8664)

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