Where to Donate Your Old Stuff in Melbourne

Where to Donate Your Old Stuff in Melbourne


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Having moved a few times, I realise the importance of moving with as little as possible. The War on Waste has made everyone mindful of undesired items ending up in the landfill. So below is a list of where to send which items that you want re-gifting, re-using or re-cycling by others.


Printer & Toner Cartridges - Planet Ark - National - have drop-off boxes at Australia Post stores - Planet Ark deal with printer and toner cartridges. This is nationally and you can drop them off at Officeworks or at the post office.

Phones - Mobile Muster - National- Old mobile phones can be dropped off at Officeworks and at Australia post offices and Officeworks stores. In the post office, there is a small bag in which you put it into, along with the charger and the battery. Make sure you have all your data downloaded from it before you deposit it though, as you won't be able to get it back.

Lamps - Light a Lamp Melbourne This place specialises in giving old lamps a revamp. It's a very clever idea and again keeps lighting and electrical equipment out of the landfill.

Bric a Brac

Facebook buys swap sell groups . I know that many people use Facebook buy swap sell groups in their particular area, because its local and it's easy to see who you are buying, swapping or selling to. It's as easy as posting a picture and a price and then waiting for buyers.

Ebay - Make sure that you have a PayPal account set up. Ebay is best used for brand new or brand new/never been used goods. That way you get the maximum return. Always wait for them to send you emails once you've registered to list for free.


Brotherhood of St Lawrence - Brotherhood of St Lawrence have specialised in reselling secondhand and pre-loved books. They are so good at it that they even have a website for these pre-loved books. It's as simple as dropping your boxes of books off to a Brotherhood of St Lawrence store. They then sort out and organise it. Think novels, kids books, and any other titles that you can't get rid of elsewhere.

The Book Grocer bookgrocer.com has also a service in which you can donate books that have to be in good condition. They will give you dollars towards your membership at the
Book Grocer stores.

T.S Bookshop - personal development books / religious books / diet and health books / philosophical books and DVDs must be in good condition though. You will also get money back from T.S Bookshop and will be able to sign up as a member.
speciality esoteric textbooks

Smith family or neighbourhood houses - They like to receive old textbooks. Especially textbooks for schools.

Student VIP website studentvip.com.au - university student textbooks - mostly next to new university textbooks for universities across Australia

Student Co-op's coop.com.au - with the ISBN, they can trace and potentially pay you money for your old textbooks preferences are for.


Wear for Success wearforsuccess.org in South Melbourne - Wear for Success dress people who are struggling to get back on their feet into clothes for job interviews. They also provide services for job seekers so it's triple feel good. Wear for success are part of the even bigger international brand Dress for Success. You will find in countries outside of Australia, namely America and Britain that you can donate pre-loved work clothes so that people with not so many advantages can be dressed nicely to get work!

Red Cross - pre-loved clothes, although you have to ensure that they are in good condition. They don't bundle up items into rags and are known to throw them out. However, Red Cross is the place to buy pre-loved clothing that is in great condition at a highly reduced price. Do drop off you're branded, very good condition clothing here if you can't sell it elsewhere.

Diabetes Victoria The feel-good factor with Diabetes Victoria is that pre-loved clothes that aren't on-sold to make money actually get put into rag piles for recycling. My other love with Diabetes Victoria is that you can actually arrange to pick up on the website and they come and pick it up from your doorstep without you having to be home.

Beaverbricks (Kilsyth, Melbourne only) They buy old used bricks, so if you have any old bricks to get rid of, this is your place. They just need a photo of the bricks to assess the quality.

St Kilda Mums www.stkildamums.org - kids stuff including prams, up to 4-5 years old. Pictures are required for the goods that you are going to donate. This place is for children's goods and for new mum's who otherwise don't have access to buying brand new stuff. Generally for good quality well kept children's goods from ages 0 - 5 years old. Prams, Cots, Clothes, all welcome here.


St Vincent de Paul - for pre-loved furniture. Poking around in any of their stores will show you what they happily receive.

Gumtree - is good to get rid of cumbersome furniture items that may not necessarily have much value. It is free but if you want a top listing, you have to pay a minimum fee. Not necessarily worth it unless you are selling a lot of stuff and expect at least some minor return.

Salvos - furniture - many years ago the Salvos didn't use to be so fussy. But now they have gotten rather fussy, especially in inner Melbourne. They like to see the quality of the furniture before they will arrange to pick it up. I have got good secondhand furniture from The Salvos (particularly from the Victoria Street, Richmond store). But when I went to donate back the awesome duck down couch I got from when I moved from Richmond, despite that I had got it from there, they didn't want it back. They also take various bric-a-brac. clothes and they do use the rags and recycle them.

What are your favourite charities/places to redistribute unwanted and pre-loved goods?

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