Where Can You Find Roti PrataParathaCanai in Adelaide

Where Can You Find Roti PrataParathaCanai in Adelaide


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Where Can You Find Roti Prata/Paratha/Canai in Adelaide?

Roti Prata/Canai is an Asian pancake that is very popular in Singapore and Malaysia. It is called Roti Prata (sometimes spelled Paratha) in Singapore and Roti Canai in Malaysia. The pancake is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. There used to be only two types of Roti Prata – Roti Prata Kosong (plain roti prata) and Roti Prata Telur (roti prata with egg) and they are eaten dipped in curry gravy or sugar. Nowadays, you can find many different varieties of Roti Prata – both sweet and savoury ones.

Roti Prata is easily available from hawker centres and cafes in Singapore and Malaysia, but that is not the case in Adelaide. To enjoy Roti Prata in Adelaide, we used to have to buy frozen ones from Asian grocery stores and cook/heat them up in the oven or frying pan. Fortunately, we can now enjoy freshly made ones at cafes and restaurants that serve Singaporean and Malaysian street foods. Roti Prata is a popular breakfast dish in Singapore and Malaysia. However, the cafes and restaurants in Adelaide offer them in their lunch and dinner menu and serve them with meat curries.

Mamak Corner , a small cafe located at Bank Street opposite Adelaide Railway Station offers the two original types of Roti Canai and new creations like Roti Banana, Roti Peanut Butter and even some that are served with ice cream. The price is a bit more expensive compared to some of the other places I have eaten at, but the quality of the Roti Canai is what I would expect, crisp and fluffy. It is also the only store out of the ones I have visited to serve sugar to dip the Roti Canai in.

My family prefers to visit House of Pearl to satisfy our cravings for Roti Prata because the restaurant has a nicer ambience and serves our other favourite Malaysian cuisines too. House of Pearl is now located at Field Street, a side street off Gouger Street. The Roti Canai at House of Pearl has the most generous portion out of restaurants I have eaten at, with the characteristic texture that I enjoyed. Their Roti Telur was also delicious, though it could do with a bit more onion filling.

If you are shopping at Rundle Mall and wish to have a savoury snack, head to Warong at Rundle Place shopping centre food court and enjoy a Roti Canai. Their Roti Canai comes with three different curry gravies for dipping. They also offer very reasonably priced tasty Vegetable Fritters at their smorgasbord counter.

Most of the Roti Prata vendors in Singapore are Indians and we found a South Indian restaurant along Main North Road that serves them. Cafe Chennai offers different varieties of Parota, which is similar to Roti Prata. It is denser than that served at the other places and reminds us of the Roti Pratas sold at hawker stalls in Singapore.

Where is your favourite Roti Prata/Paratha/Canai restaurant in South Australia? I would love to hear about it and go and have a taste.

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