What's the Correct Tipping Etiquette in Sydney

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Posted 2011-09-03 by Maz Serena Rockersfollow
What's the "Correct" Tipping Etiquette in Sydney?

"Tipping" means giving money on top of the asking price of whatever good or service you're purchasing, popular in services industry.

Whether you're a Sydney resident or a tourist, tipping etiquette is an interesting topic to visit because norms differ so much between cities and countries. Whilst as some of us know,
in America if you don't tip at a bar, you're often considered "cheap". In Sydney however, bars might have a tip jar, but drinks can be as expensive as $16 each depending on where you go.
In such a case, do you tip and is it expected of you? Does it depend on the type of establishment you're at, perhaps the suburb or even who you're with?

So folks, I've opened this can of worms in order to get everyone's perspective on tipping in different contexts. Personally, as a Sydneysider, I tip at restaurants (about 10% if the service and food was great, despite the cost price likely including a tip most of the time). I don't tip at restaurants if service was shocking. For me, tips depend more on service. Arguably, food is part of the "service" umbrella at a restaurant. Many people I know don't tip because they feel the price already contains this provision.

So please feel free to post your opinion on this issue. Would you rather tip at a cafe, bar, restaurant, taxi ride, that awesome guy who brought your room service to the 50th floor and even included a free drink because he came 30 seconds later than he was meant to, or nowhere? If you don't tip in Sydney, would you tip in America or is your rule applicable everywhere despite social customs?

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