What's on at Better Read Than Dead Bookstore Newtown - March 2024

What's on at Better Read Than Dead Bookstore Newtown - March 2024


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Sun 03 Mar 2024 - Wed 13 Mar 2024

Donna M Cameron in Conversation with Anna Down

Donna M Cameron has a new book out with Transit Lounge called The Rewilding , which is coming out on the 1st of March, and she will be promoting her book at several events. One of these events is taking place on the third of March at Better Read Than Dead . Donna will be appearing in conversation with Anna Downs from 3.00pm until 4.30pm on the afternoon of the third of March. This breathtaking book explores rebellion, climate change, and ecological issues – something relevant in today’s world.

The event space is wheelchair accessible via a stair lift – contact Better Read Than Dead at [email protected] for more information.

Ticket plus book: $32.99
Ticket (no book) Free

Carla Wilshire in-conversation with Van Badham

Rebooting Feminism in the Algorithm Age. How is it done? Join Carla Wilshire and Van Badham in a discussion about How To Reboot Feminism in the Digital Age on the fourth of March from 6.30pm until 8pm for a discussion about how technology is changing society – whether it is social media or artificial intelligence. These days, our world is ruled by algorithms that predict our behaviour and affect how we see each other. These algorithms are affecting how people see the rights that women have fought for, and the threats women are feeling with things like the overturning of Roe vs. Wade in America and the growing number of sexual assaults. The event and the book it is about examine many questions, such as whether the digital revolution is killing feminism.

Time to Reboot explores the digital gender divide – and how algorithms designed by tech companies have been designed to respond to and reinforce group characteristics, which is changing our relationships and values because AI trained on biased data has generated a new wave of subtle and blatant male privilege, with some things rarely commented on, a decline in values that have empowered women, and promoted the obsessive cult of the self-image. This new book will unpack the uncomfortable parallels between digital and tech consumer culture – something we find impossible to resist and the decline of gender equity as it questions whether this technology meant to show us the future is setting women backwards and asks the question – how do we fix this?

Ticket and Book: $24.95
Ticket: $5.00

Jim Moginie in-conversation with Liz Deep-Jones

Jim Moginie is a founding member of Midnight Oil, and has recently written a memoir called The Silver River, which he will be talking about in an event at The Vanguard on the fifth of March from 6:00pm until 8.30pm. His memoir will examine his time with Midnight Oil, their success, the challenges, and his own past and childhood. Learn about the behind-the-scenes stories of band life and insights into what created some of the most iconic songs in Australia. Doors for this event will open at 6:00pm, and the talk will start at 7:00pm. Jim will talk about the book and events around it with Liz Deep-Jones. This is an event that will be of interest to fans of Australian music.

The event ticket is $10, or $40 with a copy of the book.
The Vanguard is wheelchair accessible.
The Vanguard, 42 King St, Newtown NSW 2042, Australia

Tammi Miller in-conversation with Sarah Ayoub

Come to Better Read than Dead on the 7th of March to join Tammi Miller in conversation with Sarah Ayoub, where they will talk about the impact of the modern world on our mental health and wellbeing, as well as the challenges of writing a book about mental wellbeing when facing adversity. And how readers can use Tammi’s book, Paperback Therapy to improve their health.

Come and join the conversation with Tammi and Sarah on the 7th of March at Better Read than Dead, from 6:30pm until 8:00pm, and will discuss that whilst this book is not a substitute for therapy, it will give you help to reach your mental health goals. It examines that many of us could do more to look after our mental health – whether we learn to manage stress and sadness, or just to reconnect ourselves. It also examines the challenges such as finding time and money for professional therapy – so this interactive guide can give readers the first step. Tammi is a certified counsellor who will take readers on a journey of self-discovery and healing with over 25 therapist-approved tools to boost self-esteem and techniques to overcome unhealthy habits, and managing anxiety using prompts and exercises to benefit mental health and wellbeing – to discover a happier, healthier you.

The event ticket is $10, or $40 with a copy of the book.

Dana Da Silva in-conversation with Jessica Mudditt

Come to Better Read than Dead at 6:30pm on the 8th of March to celebrate the release of Dana Da Silva’s memoir, The Shift in conversation with Jessica Mudditt.

Dana’s book explores Grace’s life – a young woman suffering from sexual and violent intrusive thoughts and infections that make her feel mentally and physically broken – and relief comes with a diagnosis of obsessive-compulsive disorder. She then has to navigate changing feelings, and a spontaneous journey across the world in a book that is part travel memoir, part spiritual guide and part erotica. Dana will discuss and launch her book with Jessica Mudditt.

The event ticket is $10, or $30 with a copy of the book.

Arozak Salam in conversation with Shanje Lu

Come and celebrate Sydney Mardi Gras with Arozak Salam as he discusses his book with Shanje Lu, and talks about life as an Indonesian Queer from 3:00pm until 4:30pm on the ninth of March. Azorak’s event and memoir is about his life as he moves from Indonesia to Australia, leaving everything behind and searching for his true identity in his new country. He will discuss life as an immigrant in survival mode trying to find a home, job, and friends in a new country. His memoir depicts the mixture of Eastern and Western cultures from an immigrant perspective, and through the eyes of a proud gay man and the different aspects of his identity: his Muslim family. His job as a subsea engineer. His unicorn burlesque performance. And at its heart, this discussion will touch on a journey of self-discovery spanning from the Australia-Indonesia Youth Exchange Program, ConFest, Sydney Mardi Gras, and the Mr Gay World Pageant, and many journeys around the world as Arozak celebrates everything across the spectru, of life.

The event ticket is $10, or $35 with a copy of the book.

Aja Barber in-conversation

On the ninth of March at 6:30pm, Aja Barker will be discussing Cosumed: The Need for Collective Change: Colonialism, Climate Change, and Consumerism at Better Read than Dead.

It is a book in two halves: The first half is the learning half – Aja will teach readers about the endemic injustices in consumer industries, and the history of the textile industry – slavery, racism and wealth inequality, showing how these systems have been oppressive and bled into the fashion industry, and been part of the lack of diversity and equality. It is about Aja’s story of how she learnt the truth about where the money we spend goes. The comes the unlearning – where Aja shows readers about why they consume the way they do and asks people to confront why, and asks you to challenge the power disparities in consumerism in what will be an interesting and confronting discussion.

The event ticket is $10, or $30 with a copy of the book.

Sarah Bailey in Conversation with Simon McDonald

Sarah Bailey is one of Australia’s best-known crime writers, and she’s back with a new Gemma Woodstock novel, which will be launched on the 13th of March at 6:30pm at Better Read than Dead with Simon McDonald.

Get to know Sarah and Gemma as she launches her latest book in the series, Body of Lies. Gemma is back in Smithson, her home town on maternity leave when a car crash victim is rushed to hospital, only to have her corpse stolen from the morgue. Gemma is reluctant to get involved, but is drawn in by her friend who is a journalist – and then there is another crime, and Gemma can’t help but get involved. She soon finds out secrets about those she thought she knew best – but isn’t sure who she can trust.

Come and join the launch of the latest Gemma Woodstock novel.

The event ticket is $5, or $40 with a copy of the book.

Check out these and many more events at upcoming events for Better Read than Dead!


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