What So Not: Not All The Beautiful Things - Album Review

What So Not: Not All The Beautiful Things - Album Review


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'Not All The Beautiful Things' is a hotly anticipated release given it's What So Not's first feature-length album. It's not a one-track marvel, it's a journey, that will take you many places.

The opening track Warlord (with SLUMBERJACK) lulls you into a familiar place, reminiscent of 2016's Divide & Conquer E.P, but Daniel Johns' influence enters early on in the album, and from then, everything changes.

One of the few singles released so far, Be Ok Again (Feat. Daniel Johns) gives us a radio-friendly killer banger that could just as easily liven up a house party, or take over the streets blasting from the stereo of a souped up convertible. Expect to see this track on the Triple J Hottest #100 .

In Beautiful (feat. Winona Oak)' it's clear why What So Not has a huge legion of fans worldwide, the beats are hypnotic, the vocals sensual, and it's impossible not to get carried away; whether you're listening via headphones on the train to work, or lost amongst the crowd at a music festival. You will be moving, without a care in the world, enlivened by the sweet and cute lyrics. According to a comment on What So Not's YouTube channel by Emoh, "this track was recorded in the jungles of Nicaragua"; knowing that, it's hard not to imagine dancing around a fire, in the wilderness whilst listening to this second released single.

Stuck in Orbit (Feat. BUOY) is chilled out compared to other tracks, but still begs the listener to float away, with soft sounds.

Demons with James Earl (Feat. Rome Fortune and Tommy Swisher) brings the tempo back with hip-hop snares and jazzy piano. It's catchy, boppy, and you'll find yourself singing this long after you've stopped listening to it.

On GOH with Skrillex (Feat. KLP)' the big bangers are back, but this time with soul. A mixture of 80's synths, supercharged vocals, and a guitar riff that is instantly familiar.

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We Keep On Running with Toto. 1970's iconic band, Toto collaborated for the first time in decades, and as you'd expect when mashing 70's rock and house music, it features big guitars, sing-along lyrics, and slow enough beats, the oldies will still be able to keep up.

If You Only Knew with San Holo (Feat. Daniel Johns) is a surprisingly eclectic track, part melodic, part synth, with a rythm that will have you playing air-drums whilst waiting on hold to an internet provider about your NBN.

In Monsters (Feat. Michael Christmas and tobi lou), the hip-hop returns making this album full of surprises. It's a late-night tune—think of it as the slow-dance.

Bottom End with Dryo is a reminder that this is still a dance album, and starts off with what could be the soundtrack to a 60's Kung Fu movie before finishing at the end credits. A fresh and lively track that leaves you feeling complete but subtly lets you know the show is ending soon.

Same Mistakes (Feat. Daniel Johns) has upped the hipster level to 12. The perfect track to complement your avocado latte with organic almond milk. It's a song that projects a worldly vibe, on a Sunday afternoon, enjoying the sunshine; reminiscing about the night before.

The last track Us (Feat. Daniels) features gospel-like singing, smooth vocals, and contemplative beats. It's a song to let you know the party is over and the lights are back on; a fitting end to a musical journey.

Not All The Beautiful Things is not just another electronic album. It's a defining album featuring hit, after hit. It takes you many places, none of which are expected. It leaves you fulfilfilled. It's not a Download the top track kind of album, it's a 'listen to the album in it's entirety, and be taken on a journey' kind of album.

There's no favourite tracks, there's twelve stand-out songs, which together tell a story.

Not All The Beautiful Things is expected to be released March 9. Download or listen to it with three months free trial from Apple Music .

What So Not is currently on a world tour, which includes Australia in June. Head to the website for details.

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