What Not to do on Halloween

What Not to do on Halloween


Posted 2012-10-29 by Anthony Gabbfollow
What is it about Halloween that has some people suffering from major brain lapses? On that particular day people all of a sudden get the erg to do something stupid, like make contact with the dead through a Ouija board, thinking they are some kind of Ghost Whispering expert or Sam and Dean Winchester.

Although it is a day of superstition and mischief, things like this are far beyond any person's capability, especially if you're doing it for thrills and have no idea what you're doing, which is probably not a good idea to try out.

I seriously don't get it? There are shows depicting stories of families facing the spiritual aftermath of problems that arise from attempting something stupid on Halloween, like summoning spirits through a Ouija board, that tend to have a clear message not to try these things at home. Yet somehow in the faintest part of a person's mind, people seem to somehow disregard the warning and attempt it anyway bringing that exact same problem upon themselves.

So to prevent people from getting into a serious spiritual catastrophe, here are some things to avoid on Hallows Eve.

Ouija Boards
If your friends or someone you know gets possession of a Ouija board and plans on using it at Dead Time ( between 2am-5am), you immediately say no and back off. For the safety of everyone put it away or return it back to the shop. Ouija boards are gateways that allow spirits to pass through and make contact with the users. Numerous professionals have used the board to contact the spirits of loved ones, while amateurs have contacted something that may seem like a ghost but turns out to be something far more dangerous. In other words, Demons love toying with humans, especially when it comes to pretending to be human spirits. Invoking one through the board would put the users in very serious danger.

Ghost Hunting

Ghost Hunting can be harmless yet can be dangerous depending on where you go. People are always curious to find out if there are such things as Ghosts. Places such as abandon hospitals or mental asylums are big spots for Ghost Hunting. You're probably thinking what dangers can arise? Allow me to explain. Ghosts are able to latch onto people, which can result in the ghost to unexpectedly follow that particular person they've latched onto home. Hauntings and unwanted Paranormal Activity can arise. In rare situations Ghosts can lash out by physically harming someone if provoked or disturbed.

Performing a Ritual From an Odd Book About Conjuring or Invoking Spirits

If you come across a book about performing rituals or conjuring spirits that has a warning sign at the start of the book, DON'T READ OR PERFORM ANYTHING OUT OF THE BOOK! There is a clear reason why there is warning sign stating 'Professionals Only.'

Believe me, the last thing you want is conjuring up some dark entity or opening up a portal allowing unpleasant beings to roam around your house. But if you're stupid enough to deny the warning, go right ahead, but don't be complaining when you have a woman with a skull for a face coming and terrorising while you sleep.

Performing A Séance In a Graveyard

A séance is very stupid thing to do, especially in a grave yard. Disrupting loved ones that are resting may not be the smartest thing to do, especially if they come to pay you a visit for disrupting their sleep. People may not realise, but you're not only calling out to spirits of loved ones, you're also attracting a lot of unwanted spiritual attention, which you really don't want following you home.

If you are sceptic and you choose to avoid what I've written down, than that's not a problem, everyone's entitled to their own choices. You can only be a believer when the paranormal touches you. But heed my warning, Halloween is not a night to be toyed with, it is a night full of unexpected surprises, so play it smart.

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