West End Street Art 2013

West End Street Art 2013


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I love the inner city, but, some days, it can seem very grey. And it's on those days that I'm especially grateful to the street artists who sneak their grit and humour on to the city's walls and footpaths. Their artworks lift my spirit and feed my soul.

A lot of the big street-art galleries that I loved have now disappeared from West End. But 2013 saw plenty of beautiful small works emerge, and I've tried to record as many as I can to share with you here.

As with my albums from 2011 and 2012 , the dates under the pics are the dates that I photographed them (not the dates they were done, because sometimes I don't spot things for months), and any of the artists are welcome to post below and take credit for a particular piece.

My street-art year kicked off in February, when I found Julia Gillard hanging out on Bond Street, at the boxing gym. It was pretty cool to see some genuine political graffiti again. West End used to be covered in such statements, but now they're rare.

Interestingly, Julia and her feminist statement soon attracted a dunce's cap -- and a little while later she'd disappeared. I won't comment on how prescient this now seems.

In April, the political was replaced by the beautiful, with happy faces adorning a post at the Boundary-Vulture intersection, and a pair of sexy cyborgs turning up on Montague Road.

The curvaceous cyborgs get my vote for sexiest street art this year, although a charcoal-style drawing of a semi-naked woman on the wall outside the Box Gallery ran a close second.

Segue to May, and we go from beautiful to personal, when an image appeared on a Princhester Street wall in what seemed to be an epitaph for a friend.

This same wall also offered up Secret Squirrel.

Come June, and a groovy bikini girl appeared on an electrical box outside Lock'n'Load, while, a month later, a wee little dunce emerged on the footpath outside St Veronica's thrift shop, next to the bus seat.

This was one of my favourites of the year, and lasted amazingly well despite being walked on often.

On a wintery August day, I spotted a delicate rendering of a bear cub on the Princhester Street wall, and not far from it, an extract from Beat classic Howl. And then, defying winter, a blissful flamingo appeared outside The End bar.

Right throughout the year, a small, handwritten message turned up on footpaths, benches and electrical boxes around West End.

'Never leave' -- with its slanted cursive writing and quiet plea -- made me think of the 'Eternity' message that so famously adorned Sydney for many years. I liked it. A lot.

I'm afraid after August other things took over my life and I didn't manage to capture any more pieces. But they were out there, and I hope you saw some for yourself.

After all, street art exists because the artists want to share something of themselves and their work with other people.

It's an interaction between them and every person who walks past and takes a look, maybe smiles or thinks or feels their own particular feeling. So you don't really need me to take pictures; just walk the streets and join the conversation.

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