Werris Creek, New South Wales

Werris Creek, New South Wales


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On the Liverpool Plains, Werris Creek somehow eluded me but when it finally became relevant I found out it had some substantial Australian history. One reason is the rail line - where its living and past history is studied and communicated with the Australian Railway Monument and the Rail Journeys Museum. Because I hadn't travelled NSW trainlink recently until the last few days, nor was I a film critic, I had no idea that Werris Creek's place in Australian and Hollywood folklore was from the filming of the movie Unbroken. Staff at the museum have relatives who had met Angelina Jolie, during or around 2013 the town and the Unbroken film crew worked on a few scenes of the movie. I witnessed but didn't photograph its iconic Railway Hotel - used as part of the work for Unbroken.

It's clear what Werris Creek had was extremely interesting on many levels, for if not a film critic or fan one had a rail museum of significance to view. The little library on the main street called Single Street was a novelty, while the pharmacy cafe is a novelty for its humble yet fun blend of cafe and pharmacy in the same shop area. They sell gelato there, ideal for settling any nerves about being in an unfamiliar small town and vital hydration and energy to check out its rail museum. In the above picture is an original copy of local historian Syd H. Ware's A History of Werris Creek and District, written in 1976 around the town's centenary.

Below is a collaged photo of the model trains at the museum, if it looks at all advanced then it indicates that the rest of the museum is also heavy in interesting Australian rail history. My impression is it's very interesting if one has an interest in trains, but can be a short visit if less interested.

Werris Creek is strategically located in New South Wales's railway history by being where the Armidale line and Moree line meet. Due to agriculture, the line had many workers change trains at Werris Creek. Thus Werris Creek is planned around railway work, it's known as the first and last railway town of New South Wales.

Well worth a visit, the town is quiet - although passing trains interrupt that tranquillity, the weather a bit cool, has good amenities for lifestyle and it's relatively close to Sydney. Amazingly, to look at Werris Creek would not indicate the impact Hollywood had on the town ten years ago, but anecdotes and a few museum photos certainly verify the story completely. I found the combination of rail history and Hollywood had me well and truly interacting with the town. It was a hidden gem because it's a place where the story behind it is fairly exciting so I hope to try another stop off there and sample a different gelato, get an energy-boosting coffee and pay my five dollar entry fee to reacquaint with its rail museum.

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