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Wensha Spa


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I absolutely love massages, I love them so much that they are always on my list of things to do whenever I go somewhere new. I just have to try the local spa or massage parlour. Deep tissue, Relaxation, Thai, Swedish, Shiatsu – you name it and I've tried it.

After knowing this about me, you should know I take my massage and spa experience very seriously. I am somewhat of a connoisseur for spas. So, the next thing I am going to share with you means a big deal. , located in Pasay, Manila here in the Philippines is one of my top 3 spas I have ever been too. That's a big thing to say right for someone who has tried alot of spas.

Wesha Spa is also nowhere near the most expensive place I've even been too. I'd say it's the best place because while it might not offer the best massage I've ever had, the combination of a very good massage (close to the best I had which cost a lot more), value for money for their services (all their services are packaged in some arrangement or another), and the entire experience that is the make it a very memorable spa place for me.

Although doesn't have an official website, it doesn't seem to need one with all those pages in the blogosphere, and word-of-mouthers that help keep this place pretty full most of the time. This unique spa experience is a place I would love to take everyone I know with me. It's the mass taste of the Spa experience whilst still keeping it personal.

With over 40 massage beds and foot spa chairs in the building (for each side that is) this place is huge. Done up as sort of a Japanese bath house, Males and Females are first segregated to either side of the building where you are greeted by a large locker rooms, wherein guests receive a locker key to put valuables in locker rooms and towels. You are to change into a robe with just your underwear on, and will be guided to the next area which is a large wet area. Here one can find 4 pools or Jacuzzis, an extensive steam room and sauna.

How it works is you get 6 hours in-house for every treatment. So whether you chose a full body massage, a foot spa or a body scrub, or all three, you can use the wet room area and choose to take your treatment any time providing you give enough time to get your treatment within the allotted time given based on how many services you have signed up for. After this you are guided to another large area, where you are met by the next desk stop. Here, you give your name and will get your service treatment in one of the many rooms in what looks like a rather long corridor. It is dimly lit and smells quite nice, already drowsing you into a relaxed state.

What was really unique about Wensha spa, was not just its sheer size, but the coolest part of all. The all you can eat Shabu-Shabu or Hot Pot Buffet. It's like a whole package, you can't get a massage without getting the whole deal. For example getting a full body massage, would also include use of the spa facilities, use of lockers & toiletries, bottomless drinks and all you can eat Shabu-Shabu. With delicious soups, vegies and fresh meat on display, the areas to eat are within a sort of Zen garden pool area, with little bridges and lighting that set the mood. I don't think I've ever seen my partner so relaxed, sitting in his robe waiting for me to have some green tea and fish soup.

There is a downside, it might not be for those who don't feel comfortable with so much nudity in the wet area. Sitting in the sauna not knowing anyone else and naked at that, might not float your boat. I, however, just used the steam room (my favourite) and wore my towel the whole time. Also it might be more fun to go with friends or family of the same gender so you can enjoy talking together and not feel uncomfortable sitting there alone while your partner is in the other wing.

is located at the CCP area in Manila, right next door to the Star City theme park and just a few minutes' drive (depending on traffic) down the road to the SM Mall of Asia. Choosing a hotel along Roxas boulevard is best if you want to stay near all these places I just mentioned.

Check out their prices here .

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