A New Approach to Losing Weight

A New Approach to Losing Weight


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Mon 07 Jan 2019 - Thu 31 Jan 2019

Have you tried every type of weight loss program there is but still can't find long-lasting success? It's something many people have experienced and it's not your fault. The current weight loss industry works under the premise that holding excess weight is a behavioural issue and as a result, traditional weight loss programs work really hard to change one's behaviour by prescribing strict instructions for eating and exercise.If you stick to these instructions, you'll lose weight. If you don't stick to these instructions, then you've failed. And as will power can only be relied on for a finite amount of time, eventually the weight comes back.
This is your opportunity to get off the diet merry go round once and for all! Take control of your body and life in 2019 with #SpiritBodyMovement, a brand new online program which completely turns the current weight loss model on its head.It starts with the truth that people already work perfectly. Created by qualified Nutritionist and Hypnotherapist Skye Sante, who has conquered her own weight battles, this 6-week online program will get to the bottom of your weight issues and offer an easy to follow plan for releasing weight while you work on eliminating your reasons for overeating.
"Very often, when someone is not getting the results they want there is a strong subconscious element," says Skye. "It sounds like it would be complicated but, in fact there is a very simple way to realign our deepest needs with the results we consciously desire. It's a new age approach that recognises that the mind, body and spirit are equally as important in eliminating binge eating forever and getting the exact results you want."The online program is suitable for men and women and Skye promises that you will still get to enjoy food! You know more about your body than anyone else and with #SpiritBodyMovement, you will find a better way to meet all your needs in the comfort of your home. Treat yourself the way you deserve to be treated.
For a limited time, you can purchase the complete #SpiritBodyMovement 6-week online program for just $129. This is a huge saving as the usual cost is $399. In addition to the course, daily support is available through the members-only Facebook group.You can find out more about the online program, reviews and other services at www.theleadingmind.com.au. Where the mind leads, the body follows.

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