Ways to Stay Warm this Winter in Melbourne

Ways to Stay Warm this Winter in Melbourne


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Last Thursday we woke up with a shiver to the coldest June morning since 2002. No one likes leaving the warm cocoon of bed on the best of winter mornings and if the weather forecast has any truth we're in for more than a handful of icy days as it ticks over into August. However, if you know the right tricks and manoeuvres, you can solider on through those arctic mornings in brave endurance.

Wise, Glaswegian comedian Billy Connolly once said ''There's no such thing as bad weather. There's only the wrong clothes.'' If you've ever visited Scotland at any time of year, you'll know he speaks from experience. The cold front brings with it permission to make your first move getting out the thermal underwear. Yes, they may not be the most flirtatious undergarments you own but they will certainly keep all your parts cosy and warm. Pair this with a great coat and you'll be fitted out to get through even the chilliest of winter days without catching a cold. Sifting through the many op shops of Melbourne and can often turn up some pretty good quality coats for very reasonable prices. A coat at one of the five Savers Recycled Clothing stores in Melbourne will set you back approximately $8 to $40 dollars. Search a bit further through the racks and you can complete your outfit with beanies, gloves and a scarf. If your prepared to spend a little extra, Driza-Bone (like 'dry as a bone') has been shielding Australians from the elements since 1898. It's still an Australian owned brand which manufactures its products here in Australia too. If you visit drizabone.com you can invest in a good quality coat for between $150 and $300.


Cheap, hearty and will warm your belly. In a Rush located at Southern Cross Corner Exhibition and Lt. Collins st have a collection of around ten varied and freshly made soups at a reasonable cost. Otherwise, if your a 'packed lunch' sort, grab the ingredients yourself and whip up a pot at home. You don't have to be a master chef to put together a favourite like minestrone or chicken noodle, It will keep for ages in the fridge and is a healthy choice when your trying to steer clear of all the winter comfort food.


The 2013 Melbourne Marathon Festival is the largest marathon in Australia and raises much need funds for a range of charities including the Cerebral Palsy Education Centre and the Cathy Freeman Foundation which runs educational programs for indigenous students. The marathon will be held on the13th of October this year but, if your going for the 42k run you might want to start training right away. You may have goose bumps now but once you lace your trainers and work up some pace round your local park or reserve you'll be warm enough in no time! This is also a good way to burn off some that comfort food we were talking about before. There are a few, shorter marathons and easier runs before the 42.195km marathon in case your training schedule isn't so rigorous.


It's estimated there are around 105,237 homeless people in Australia. If the colder months have rolled around and you're without permanent or sufficient shelter and warmth then you would be grateful for the ''Off Your Back'' campaign. Second hand coats are donated from the 1st of June until the 30th of August and are redistributed to those in need. The campaign has seen 47,000 coats pulled from the backs of wardrobes around Melbourne and given to those sleeping rough. So, if you can, give an old coat a second chance. Besides, everyone knows that getting charitable makes you feel all warm inside and that's just what were looking for to get us out of bed.

Coats can be donated at any of the locations below:

St.Kilda Crisis Centre on Grey St, St.Kilda
Mars Gallery at 418 Bay St, Port Melbourne
Tonic on 6 Horne St, Elsternwick
The Reach Foundation at 152-156 Wellington st, Collingwood 818 Dental on 818 High Street, Armadale.

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