Ways to Deal with Fear, Anxiety and Stress

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Posted 2023-02-15 by Leiann Lynn Rose Spontaneofollow
Many people have fear, anxiety and stress. What they do not realize is that there are ways to deal with these problems.

You know how there are toolboxes to keep your tools all nice together for when you need to work on things? You just go to your toolbox and grab the tool that you need. Well, we have mental toolboxes.

The following are tools that you can grab out of your mental toolbox when you need relief from fear, anxiety and stress.

  • Deep breaths.

  • Often, I take deep breaths, even when out in public. People do not understand why, but that is OK. I simply explain that I had to get out a little stress.

  • Favorite place

  • Whether you have been there or not, imagine a favorite place. For example, I have never been there, but I imagine being at a cottage somewhere in Canada.

  • Music and television

  • Do you have a favorite band? Why not listen to them? Do you have a favorite television show? Watch the show! For example, I like to watch Impractical Jokers and laugh!

  • Exercise

  • Many people exercise to get relief. For example, I like to organize my bedroom office to get some relief.

  • Journal

  • Write down your feelings!

  • Reading

  • Are you a fiction type? A nonfiction-type? I love to read cookbooks.

  • Games

  • Play a board game, play cards, etc. For example, my roommates and I set aside $5.00 apiece each week to see what food we can buy with $5.00. This is kind of a little game.

  • Hobby

  • Color, paint, etc. For example, I like to cook.

  • Pray

  • Many people believe in a higher power. For example, I pray to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

    Finally, I am practising what I preach, as I suffer from fear, anxiety and stress.

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