13 Ways to Celebrate Friday 13th

13 Ways to Celebrate Friday 13th


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Friday 13th comes around sometimes once or even twice a year. You can find out when the next Friday the 13th is by clicking here. The superstition surrounding Friday the 13th is thought to originate with the Last Supper, which was attended by 13 people – Jesus Christ and his 12 disciples. But increasingly the day has been associated not with ill-fortune but with horror.

In order to make the most of this sometimes feared, but what I consider can be a fun day here are 13 ways to mark the occasion.

1) Take the 4.5 kilometre stroll along Thirteenth Beach which is just west of Barwon Heads. The name is taken from the close proximity of the beach to the thirteenth hole of the Barwon Heads Golf Course. Given you are walking out on Friday the 13th watch out on one side for a tsunami and the other side for wayward golf balls.

2) Stay in a hotel with a 13th floor if you can find one. Traditionally hotels don't have a 13th floor because people consider it unlucky to stay at that level. Conversely insurance companies do have a 13th floor something about saying there is no such thing as bad luck. Whichever lift you end up taking make sure you are carrying a charged mobile phone. You just could be unlucky enough to get stuck between floors.

3) Cook a traditional brodetto zuppa, a soup with thirteen types of fish in it. Make sure the fish is fresh. Nice folktale story behind this dish about a fisherman from Livorno who lost his life at sea in a shipwreck. Not so lucky for him. But when his children started to starve they asked their neighbours for food. Being a fishing village each gave them a different type of fish, which their mother then made into a huge soup, adding tomatoes, garlic, oil and slices of bread. For the recipe click here.

4) Follow this up with a thirteen ingredient chocolate decadence cake. For a recipe click here. If you are lucky you won't have a heart attack after this one.

5) Book a Melbourne Ghost Tour with Depot Adventures. Click here . Uncover the dark criminal history of Melbourne. The gruesome true crimes that shook Melbourne to its core. Many of Melbourne's most ghastly events too place at buildings numbered 13, or addresses where two numbers combined add up to thirteen. If you do happen to live at a number thirteen I would make sure to lock up for the night.

6) Take a drive out to Dunkeld where the much applauded chef at the Royal Mail Hote l creates 13 course degustation menus. And they say that gluttony is a sin.

7) Have a movie night where all the films have 13 in the title. Of course Friday the 13th and its sequels are the obvious choices. But you could also watch 13 Moons an offbeat film about events during one full moonlit night, or George Clooney in the heist film Oceans 13 or even the suspense film 13 Dead Men. Important to have the right lollies for your movie marathon such as black cats (licorice ones rather than the one shown above).

8) Do a tour of the MCG and learn some of the infamous antics that have occurred at Bay 13. In the late 1980s, this is where crowd would mimic Merv Hughes when he practised his warm up stretches. It is always the bay that instigated the Mexican wave and the launching of the huge beach ball.

9) Get a Friday 13th tattoo. Some tattoo parlours offer special deals on this day. While it isn't $13 if does sometimes come down to $50 or so. If you are lucky you will find yourself a deal if you are unlucky you will get a tattooist that can't spell your girlfriend's name.

10) Hold a dinner part with thirteen people. Traditionally a bad number because of he Last Supper. Somewhere in the evening and definitely after you have served the salmon mousse, show the following '- Monty Python clip .

11) Hold a card night and play the card game that lays down 13 cards. Don't know how to play? Well click here . Bet on horse number 13, or play lotto where all the numbers add up to 13. Perhaps the odds will be in your favour given that superstitious people never bet on this day.

12) Read a book where the title has something to do with 13. Janet Evanovich's, Stephanie Plum novels are always fun so try Lean Mean Thirteen. Or how about 13 Tales of Being Thirteen or if you must Management Techniques (13th edition).

13) Head off on a 13 bar pub crawl and try to have a drink in each one. Bonus points if you can get 12 of your friends to join you. Better still make that Irish pubs because you just might get lucky.

Whatever you do don't let the chance to do something special on Friday 13th slip you by and let us know if you come up with any other great ideas, based on the number 13. I'm counting on you.

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