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Warwick Art Gallery


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It's easy enough to enjoy Warwick Art Gallery and Central Warwick on a town walk, perhaps from a Crisps Coaches stop-off all year round. Warwick is a fairly enjoyable town with a compact but pleasant art gallery making for an excellent side-trip idea if stopping off and with an hour of spare time in Warwick or on a separate visit. As a destination in its own right, if motoring or backpacking, Warwick is near to Stanthorpe which is also accessible using Crisps Coaches as transport. Their drivers are good at driving the plains and Cunningham's Gap, and while they are just doing their job, it's always a tricky driving task that they do well at and they were busy on the day I took a tour with many bookings, especially from Goondiwindi - but did a great job all round.

A quirky find

Warwick has neat cafes and a beaut little sweet shop on Grafton Street opposite the Coach Depot called Sugar Stacks and More, beside the Warwick Twin Cinemas. Fortunately for backpackers and those in transit, Warwick packs heaps into the nearby area to the Crisps Coaches depot and office, so if a passenger on this service by all means it is a great chance to enjoy Warwick and its cooler climes and arts, food, crafts and coffee. In terms of small city size, it reminded me of Gympie but on the Southern Downs, both are flood-prone, except Warwick has cooler weather, but similar to Gympie has a similar population size and many heritage buildings.

The gallery

The gallery features family-friendly art experiences in both of its galleries within the one building on Albion Street. There are a few but not an overwhelming number of postcards and gifts in what is a community-minded, family-friendly experience yet still of noticeable aesthetic quality. The building has washrooms near the Orange Wall Gallery, but no food or drink seemed served in the vicinity of the gallery. It's not an overly busy place and when I visited the curator was helpful. The gallery is nice and cool out of the strong midday sun of Central Warwick. This small city has deciduous trees on its streets, leafless on my last visit yet only two weeks later had born leaves hence by visiting twice I had serendipitously observed a memorable nuancing of Warwick's tree-lined streets. My overall impression was the town centre in terms of tourism, had a lot to offer, while the gallery had quality, not quantity. Hence, this is why it is a quiet and community-minded facility and why the town is worthy as a destination for overnight stays - such as at Albion Street's Centrepoint Mid City Motor Inn, which has an ideal location for visiting the gallery and Central Warwick.

The art

To better illustrate the above, I have left the following photo collages which are from photos of artworks, rooms, streets and buildings selected for a variety of tastes but have been pieced together to simply offer a concept of what is on offer in both galleries within the one larger gallery. So, despite obscuring the views a little, they offer a concept of what is on offer. Thus motivating those interested and/or nearby to attend the gallery, especially for the current exhibitions. The first of the three images is below with art from the Warwick Art Gallery's Lost Conversations Back Road Artists showing till October 07 2023. The current exhibition will be followed with Precision: The Art of Cutting from October 12 to November 25 2023. Both are shown in the Warwick Art Gallery's Main Gallery.

The following collage is of the Warwick Art Gallery's other showroom - the Orange Wall Gallery. According to the curator, the gallery displays most art in the Main Gallery while the Orange Wall Gallery is more likely to feature local artists, however, that is just in terms of likeliness and not any given rule. Hence both galleries are set up to display the art available to the entire gallery at any given time.

Below is a pictorial account showing the Gallery, a select painting and an image from the display.

The location

Pictured directly below are exterior images (clockwise from top left) of the Warwick Art Gallery, Warwick Library, Grafton Street where the Crisps Coaches bus stop and office is based and the private road going alongside Warwick Library off Albion Street next door to the gallery. On that note, there is indeed a library next door to the gallery, so if stopping off from Crisps Coaches there is a gallery and a library virtually around the corner from Grafton Street if you want to read or view art while waiting for a bus change. On Albion Street but possible to see St Mark's church across the road from the Crisps Coaches Depot on the corner of Grafton and Albion streets, they are just a little bit past St Mark's church opposite SuperCheap Auto on Albion Street.


The photography by author 2023. Credit for paintings and/or drawings as follows, obtained by photographing and rewriting the credit labels beside the paintings. In the main gallery photos, bottom left is Cuppa Tea, by Donna Hockey, top left is The Road Home by Krissy Bange, top right is River's Embrace by Jenny Marshall, while bottom right is No Longer in Service by Kerry Chant and featured in the Orange Wall Gallery photos, was Untitled by Jessica Keleher.

Gallery hours

Tues to Fri - 10 AM to 4PM
Sat 10AM - 1PM

How to contact for further information

Gallery is at:
49 Albion Street
Warwick QLD 4370
Tel :
If calling within Australia outside of Queensland 07 4589 5207, within Queensland 4589 5207.

Official pages at warwickartgallery.com.au - with more than sufficient details on exhibitions, history and the latest news related to the gallery.

Southern Downs ( where Warwick is main administrative centre) tourism official pages - relevant to Town Hall at Palmerin Street is the Warwick Tourist Information Centre.

Crisps Coaches Website at www.crisps.com.au . Their head office and depot is opposite St Marks Church on 78 Grafton Street.

And Warwick Library - next door to the Warwick Art Gallery has its online offering on the regional council website at At Southern Downs Regional Council (My Library) .

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