A New Dog from Warra Animal Shelter

A New Dog from Warra Animal Shelter


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If you are looking for a new pet consider getting one from the animal shelter. We have just adopted our second shelter pet - a beautiful Jack Russell Terrier named Ben. We got him from the animal shelter Warra animal shelter which is now run on behalf of Brisbane City Council by the Lost Dogs Home.

We knew of the location of the shelter having previously adopted a cat. We visited one morning although you can view the animals online . At the Warra Shelter you don't need to make an appointment. When we arrived we spoke to the friendly girl at the front desk who gave us a rundown of the pets which met our criteria. All we really specified was that we wanted a small rather than large dog. She told us there were 2 small dogs available and then organised for us to be shown the dogs.

Once you get into the kennel area you can see all the dogs in their pens. There were about a dozen big dogs and the 2 smaller ones we were interested in. There was some information on each dog posted on the front of the pen such as breed,age, sex and some information about its personality. If you decide you want to meet any of the dogs the handler brings them out to you on a lead.

When Ben came out he seemed very friendly and receptive to the kids which was important to us. We got a little bit of his background in that he was previously with a family who could no longer meet his energy needs. The handler was able to answer most of our questions. We were interested to know what would happen if things didn't work out. She said there was a 2 week period in which we could take him back and get our money back but they preferred not to do this due to the stress on the animals.

After going home and discussing it a bit more we decided to go ahead and make Ben part of our family. We've had him for a couple of weeks now and he is a great dog with a lovely temperament. We walk him at least once a day and haven't had any issues with him digging or trying to escape from the yard. He gets on really well with other dogs and is very tolerant of the kids who tend to smother him at times. Our cat is still getting used to him but they have come to some sort of arrangement - cat is boss but Ben still tries to exert his authority every now and then.

All dogs from the shelter are desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, checked by a vet and have been treated for fleas and worms. It cost us about $300 initially to bring him home.Once you get the basic supplies - bed, bowls, harness, lead and collar it's really only the food and vet expenses to factor in.

Ben has become a much loved family member. Given the number of unwanted pets out there I urge you to consider adopting a pet from your local shelter if you are looking for an animal. When we were there they even had a pig for adoption.

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