Warehouse 266

Warehouse 266


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To find this friendly café you need to turn into the car park that leads to the Ridge Gym. It is brightly sign posted but you cannot see this café from the main road.

When we arrived the kids asked if this had been a fire station. Fair call- the whole front section opens up to reveal a casual country style feel and there is outdoor seating. There are many different sized rough timber tables, including a very large table that seats at least eight people. The whole place is decorated in red and white.

From the name you would expect that this was once a warehouse. This was the topic of conversation for a while as I had to explain what a warehouse was. My grilling of two different waitresses about the history led to more questions.

The service was fast and waitresses willing to chat. When my son realized he could have had bacon and eggs after we had all finished our meal I was grateful that the staff were willing to make it a small size and served if very promptly.

There are many unique, baked on premises options. For those who love all food or are indecisive this can make the selection a tricky one. Some of the servings are very large and although I would have liked some of the pastries I thought it would be too wasteful. If I wasn't a vegetarian I would definitely chosen the world's biggest homemade sausage roll. It must have been about 10cm tall and 15 cm long.

I settled on the pumpkin borek as I hadn't tried it before. It was delicious although very sweet and suitable for a dessert if served with cream.

My friend had a large tuna patty with a yummy yoghurt based dip. The waitress made these and was interested in feedback. She told us she supports the chef if things get busy. There are many cooked options on the menu for around $14 - $20.

If it hadn't been for the kids' play room and the Duplo we might not have stayed for cake but I am glad we did. Try as I might I couldn't go past the strawberry baked cheesecake ($6). It was enough to share and still not finished. The texture was soft, the base not too hard and the lemon tasted subtle… just the way I like it.

With a bit of cohesion my daughter chose the chocolate vanilla slice ($5.50). This is a Georgie's special (the owner's own recipe). I appreciated the waitress saying that she thought it wasn't fresh enough. This may be part of their sneaky marketing plan to get people to come back.

The rocky road slice ($5.50) with ganashe was not a poor cousin's choice. It was pretty rich in a delicious kind of way and we were able to bring some home for later. I enjoyed that for the next two days.

For some reason this lunch conversation involved many varied questions, many of which are still unanswered. I am going to have to ask the owners next time. My second last question is 'Why haven't I ever been here before?' Being a local I should have ventured to this café before now. The answer to that one is clearly I don't get out enough.

The café is open everyday of the week from 7.30-4 Mon-Sat. The kitchen closes at 2pm. On Sunday is open 8-2.30. We were told it can get pretty busy for breakfast with lots of regulars who go to the neighbouring gym and parents who drop their kids at the dance classes behind the building. also offers a catering service.

I should make a special mention that this is a family friendly café that is not noisy. The playroom was a bonus that allowed us to spend more time here than we would normally be afforded if the kids had been bored. Despite catering for families it is also frequented by people of all ages. I think the acoustics help. There's nothing worse than going out for a relaxing meal and not being able to correspond with your friends because you can't hear or be heard.

My final question/s is 'How many other great local cafes have I missed out on and how long is it going to take me to eat my way through them? If you know of a great local caf that must be visited please post a comment for the rest of us/me to add to our list of Must Visit When I Get a Life List.

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