Wanderlust Hotel Singapore

Wanderlust Hotel Singapore


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If you think of yourself as a stylish traveller rather than a holiday maker, you probably yearn for contemporary accommodation that is a little different from the norm. In Singapore, there is a hotel that is enjoyably out-of-the-ordinary, satisfying the needs of your tourist style; the Wanderlust Hotel.

Away from Singapore's urban sprawl, amidst the Ethnic District of Little India, the Wanderlust Hotel still retains much of its 1920s front fa├žade. Inside this boutique accommodation however, old-world charm is replaced with sleek, modern features, left in the hands of some of Singapore's award winning design agencies.

Should your adventurous soul lead you to the Wanderlust Hotel, you will be taken on a little discovery of your own inside your hotel room.

Here's the really fun part; no one room in the Wanderlust is the same. There are 29 guest rooms for you to choose from, over 4 floors, all of which are individually styled. Three Singaporean design agencies worked alongside an architect firm to present a themed set of hotel rooms on each floor.


Do you know your Pantone colour chart? You're about to know one colour very well if you choose a hotel room on level 2. Here you'll find 10 capsule rooms, each of which is decorated in just one colour; cyan, red, pink, orange, green, blue, purple, black, grey and white. The Patone Deluxe is a step up, offering a hotel room in yellow, and features a vintage cast iron bath tub.

Is It Just Black and White?

8 Mono rooms on level 3 are clad in white. Within each room, pop art and wall stencilling add to the most interesting part; a lighting system that integrates one of four colours with which you can choose to alter the mood of your room. A step up from the Mono, is the Mono Deluxe, offering the same concept but with a slightly larger space and includes a bathtub.

Creature Comforts

The top floor of the Wanderlust Hotel is where surrealism takes you to the next level. When you wake in your whimsical room, you will wonder if you are still mid-dream, as your eyes open to black space complete with a rocket and the stars of space, or a forest scene including a big tree crawling up to the leaf covered ceiling of your room.

Each top floor hotel room is designed in a loft style setting. You will sleep upstairs, and enjoy a stylish living space downstairs complete with bathtub, shower and all the mod-cons. Take note that although your children will love these hotel rooms (as my kids did), stairs up to the loft space are steep, so be careful with toddlers.

[center]"Like sleeping on a cloud in space": A quote from my 7yr old son[/center]

Although you probably won't want to leave your hotel room, there is food to eat and places to see. You don't need to venture far for breakfast. Cocotte; a French inspired restaurant incorporated within Wanderlust Hotel, serves up a hearty morning feed.

One of the most prized amenities offered by the Wanderlust Hotel is a smart phone complete with Wi-Fi. All guests have access to Wanderlust's smart phone, making your Singapore adventures much easier to navigate with a GPS and internet access at the palm of your hand.

Wanderlust Hotel is positioned the heart of Little India. You will find plenty of places to eat, and you are walking distance to plenty of shopping malls. The nearest MRT train station is Little India and nearest bus stop is Queen Street Bus Terminal, otherwise get one of the friendly front desk staff members to call you a taxi.

If you'd like to plan your Wanderlust Singapore adventure, go to www.wanderlusthotel.com and feast your eyes over your intended hotel stay.

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