Wallington Primary School Strawberry Fair 2013

Wallington Primary School Strawberry Fair 2013


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Sun 03 Mar 2013

Strawberries really are quite a versatile fruit. Beloved by adults and children alike, they can be used to brighten up a fruit salad or add a bit of glamour to a glass of champagne. Their juicy sweetness is a popular addition to pavlovas, cheesecakes and other delicious desserts, and they taste just as good as a smoothie or milkshake, or just on their own.

The staff, students and parents at Wallington Primary School recognise the beauty of the humble little strawberry, and have done so for over thirty years. This year marks the 31st Wallington Strawberry Fair, and this only goes to show that time hasn't diminished the popularity of this favourite summertime fruit.

On Sunday March 3, from 10am to 4pm, Wallington Primary School will be hosting their annual Strawberry Fair. The day will be filled with a celebration of all things strawberry, including myriad servings of all your favourite strawberry-flavoured dishes and drinks. Treats on offer include chocolate-dipped strawberries and Devonshire teas, amongst many other delectable foods.

Even if strawberries aren't quite your thing, there will still be plenty of things to do. With gourmet food and wine, market stalls, an auction, local produce and musicians on site, you're sure to find something to keep you entertained. Let's not forget that this is a fundraiser for a primary school, therefore there will also be plenty of entertainment for the kids, including face painting and rides.

Poo Lotto- that (in)famous game of luck- will also be running again this year. For those uninitiated with the event, Poo Lotto is a rural version of your general lotto game, where the winning number is 'selected' by a nursery animal, such as a goat or rabbit, which relieves its bowels on a particular digit. The lucky person who chose the number that is defecated on becomes the winner of a cash prize. Definitely an original idea, Poo Lotto is often a highlight of the day and provides an entertaining and unusual slant on your average school fair.

Wallington is only a 15-minute drive out of Geelong, and it's well-worth the trip if you want to treat your tastebuds to a hit of strawberry goodness (and help support a great little primary school) over this coming weekend.

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