Walk Your Wild Workshop

Walk Your Wild Workshop


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In a world where we are often labelled, bullied, boxed in, defined by our commitments and what we must do; little more than a slave to our daily grind – imagine, going about your day and walking your wild.

Lisa Elks from Innately You has created a workshop to help you live your life with your wild.

I like the sound of that. Before I tell you about the workshop, I have to tell you about Lisa. The foundation of the workshop, information and techniques all began with Lisa's own lack of health at age 19. That's when she was diagnosed with glandular fever. From then on, her health deteriorated further. At age 29, her symptoms became intense and it wasn't until age 36 that she was diagnosed with some serious health issues that included severe endometriosis, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), insulin resistance, extreme candida, full body bio accumulation of endotoxins and total gut dysbiosis.

Over a 17 year period of debilitating symptoms, Lisa saw different GPs. She reached her final straw when she was told to 'change your lifestyle' yet was given no tools or tips on how to do this and was told 'it has nothing to do with food'. Feeling boxed in by her health and her experience with many GPs, her innate knowing told her that food did have something to do with it. Lisa felt disheartened and cheated. This made her wild with determination to find a way to heal and feel great. She did find a therapist who could help guide her and with her extensive research into food she found her true path to 'wellness, energetic, nutritional and spiritual sustenance and self-awareness'. Lisa was 'always driven by this deep yearning to know more, learn more, be more, experience more'. Fully embracing her wild allowed her to break out of her box. She wants to teach others to do the same.

Her true wild expression of self-enabled her to create her own recipes made from wholefoods that nurtured her back to health along with exercise and meditation. The recipes she created, later formed the basis of her highly successful home-based food business named Stone Age Fusion . The foods she creates are vegan, raw, grain free, gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar-free, soy free, yeast, corn and high lectin free. While I have tried many foods making these claims, I often feel hungry soon after or have a blood sugar rush because of a nutritionally unbalanced dish. With Stone Age Fusion foods I have found them to be balanced, satisfying and morish. You'll get to sample them at the workshop.

Lisa is a fully certified Health and Lifestyle coach who sees clients one on one for Innately You Reconnection Programmes. This March she launches her first workshop, How to Reset to a Squeaky Clean You. The workshop will focus on resetting and cleansing the gut, heart and mind space with a view to bringing the body back to a healthier baseline. Lisa knows from her own experience that, 'It's only through decluttering and cleansing our three brain centres (gut, heart and mind) that we create a beautiful, clean spaciousness from which to build on – a lifestyle aligned fully with how we want to look, be and feel'.

The setting for the workshop is the George Tindale Memorial Gardens – well known for its rare and exotic plants. The gardens are situated in Sherbrooke in the Dandenongs.

Designed for small groups of women, in the 2.5 hour session Lisa will guide the group on a walk and hold a meditation session. Working closely with each person she will facilitate the space for participants to reconnect to self. Using her knowledge and expertise Lisa will focus on tailoring to that person's individual needs. Her goal is to help participants identify what nourishes, energises and inspires them. Helping them to reconnect to their own essence of wild so they can escape their box and be their own wild in their daily lives. Read a full description of the workshop [LINK=https://www.facebook.com/events/393915968033363/?event_time_id=393915971366696]here.
There are two sessions available commencing:
Friday 22 March 2019 and Sunday 24 March 2019
10:30am – 1:00pm
Meet at George Tindale Memorial Gardens
33 Sherbrooke rd, Sherbrooke VIC 3789

Pay by 11 March to receive an early bird offer at $215, after that tickets are $270. This includes four 2.5 hour sessions held over four consecutive weeks. Morning tea is included plus a gift pack which contains some of Lisa's recipes.

Look out for more s planned for 2019.

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Stone Age Fusion foods can be found at:
Eastfield Natural Foods , Croydon South
Soulpod Foods , Croydon South
Wholefood Merchants , Ferntree Gully
Go-Vita , Knox Shopping Centre

The writer has been invited to attend this workshop with a 20% discount off the full price.

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