Voynich Manuscript

Voynich Manuscript


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Have you heard of the Voynich Manuscript? This is a most perplexing 240 page vellum codex (book comprising vellum pages) written in an unknown language, illustrated with coloured-paint drawings on every page.

The manuscript has been carbon dated to the early 1400s, and it is claimed to have once belonged to Rudolph II, a Holy Roman Emperor.

Wilfred Voynich, an antique book dealer, purchased the manuscript in 1912 and as it came into the public domain at that time, it came to be called the Voynich Manuscript.

The manuscript is written in an unknown language which has not been deciphered to this day! If you look at the script, it appears that whoever wrote this had a very steady hand as the writing is very regular even if it is unknown.

NSA cryptographers and even codebreakers of the two World Wars have been unable to break this language.

The manuscript is illustrated with a variety of diagrams including what appear to be plants and herbs, astronomical or astrological drawings, naked women in various medical type situations, plant pharmaceutical, and recipes.

Of course there are those who say this book is a hoax, but who could be bothered to labour over text and diagrams to the length of 240 pages! Still, it is said that the manuscript was produced to prove a document could be encrypted such that it was impossible to decipher and a challenge between scholars of the day.

Because of the number of plant diagrams, this might be a compendium of plants with their uses and correspondences throughout cosmobiology.

There have been many wild speculations as to what this book might be including channelled material, and theories based on examining the text under microscopes!

Having studied Russian, and having some knowledge of Finnish, and some of the latin languages, I can say this script doesn't look like anything I've ever seen. But I think whoever penned knew what they were doing, whatever that might have been!

Do you believe this is a hoax, a game played between ancient scholars, or a true undeciphered text of mysterious origins?

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