Volunteering at Doggie Rescue

Volunteering at Doggie Rescue


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From my personal experience, the best doggie in the world came from Doggie Rescue . Melba, our shi tsu cross, was with our family for many years and was a top example of how Doggie Rescue takes quality care of dogs that have come from tough backgrounds and ensure they go to good homes. Inspired by this, when the opportunity to volunteer at Doggie Rescue arose I was very happy to take it up.

This no-kill animal shelter lives to rescue abandoned dogs, provide them with utmost care and love, and to then find them the most suitable home. At the shelter, we were told that they do not adopt these dogs out to just any home. They work to ensure that dogs are going to loving foster and permanent homes - and that the environment will be suitable given the dogs' individual circumstances.

The registered charity has been in the hands of Monika Biernacki and a group of volunteers since 2001. They ensure all dogs are microchipped, heartworm tested, vaccinated, have other health checks, and are given an estimated age by a veterinarian. With 200 dogs alone at the site based in the green, fresh-air area of Ingleside, and 500 coming into the hands of Doggie Rescue every year, there are lots of cute fur-balls to take care of. This is why members of the public are encouraged to come and volunteer whenever they can.

Volunteering with Doggie Rescue is perfect for animal lovers. It also a great opportunity to help out and to be a part of a community initiative. There is a list of ways that one can help this charity including money tin coordinating, caring for cats (yes, this organisation has opened its doors to feline friends too), and my favourite part, cuddling and walking with dogs. The Ingleside shelter where walks operate is opened everyday except for Mondays. Between 10am and 3pm you can walk as many pups as you like. With so many dogs on the premises, volunteers play a crucial role in ensuring each of the dogs get a regular chance to exercise and gain confidence in walking alongside humans.

As each of the dogs have come from unique backgrounds, some do not get a long with others. Doggie Rescue respects this and so is careful about which dogs they pair together for walks. My friend and I got two adorable Jack Russell walking buddies named Pippa and Scooby. One of them preferred to be carried and cuddled for the majority of the journey while the other was quite enthused to get places. Carers at the shelter will give you the low down on instructions for walking - two main things to remember is to not let your dogs mingle with others along the way, and to keep them away from the long grass.

The area around the shelter is very natural. With meadows, mountains, and lots of vegetation, it is great for a day where you feel like escaping the hustle of the city. Follow the roads through the picturesque landscape. There are flat areas of grass ideal for water and treat breaks. Keep cautious of the roads as there can be a fair amount of traffic heading to the shelter, camps, and local properties.

Be sure to bring ID when you go to volunteer. Once you have registered this will enable you to rock up and volunteer at anytime. This will also give the carers the knowledge their dogs are in familiar hands. It is nice to be seeing so many precautions being taken to provide the best care possible for the dogs that have been rescued.

So, prepare for a cuteness overload and enjoy a beautiful day in the outdoors in the company of the beautiful spirited dogs here at Ingleside. You will need to drive or organise a carpool as there are no convenient public transport options to get to the site. From our experience, it is a great thing to do with a group of friends or with family. Please do volunteer or donate to this amazing organisation.

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