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There are many ways in which we can help those who have just arrived from overseas under a refugee visa. The difficulty of learning a new language, adopting a new lifestyle and not knowing much of how a society operates are all issues we can volunteer for to reduce the negative impact on people's lives and bring a more positive outcome. Those receiving assistance will forever be grateful and you can practice already existing skills in your area of work or learn new ones by helping someone else.


The Adult Migrant English Program has been designed for newly arrived migrants and refugees in South Australia. This program is divided into three levels or certificates, depending on prior English knowledge of students. It provides students up to 510 hours of free English tuition and practical orientation to living in Australia.

To become a tutor you do not need to speak a second language, you only need to be able to spare a few hours every week and speak English well, so you can deliver tuition through the Home Tutor Scheme.

Volunteer training is free and usually delivered at various metropolitan locations. For more information or to apply click here.

Adelaide Community Bicycle Workshop at The Joinery

One of the first things someone needs when they have freshly arrived is transport. We all know how costly it can be to purchase a vehicle or travel on public transport, so what if we could offer free bicycles for those under humanitarian visas?

Adelaide Bicycle Workshop

Adelaide Bicycle Workshop has developed a great program which takes donated bikes: kids, mountain and road. They check them for safety and service them to make them as reliable as possible, the quality varies; some may get near new bikes and others may get a mode of transport for a few months. However, the point is to give people a starting point and a quick way of getting to job interviews, shops and social services.

To become part of the Adelaide Bicycle Workshop, you can give your time if you are handy with bikes and tools. You can also learn how to do this here, or you can simply donate your unused bike knowing it will be much appreciated and used! For more information, to donate or if you would like to apply for a bicycle, [LINK=https://adelaidebikeworkshop.wordpress.com/the-adelaide-community-bike-workshop/document-downloads/]click here.

From Found

From Found was born from three women aiming to create an ethical and sustainable clothing brand which would also empower refugee women by providing them with job skills.

The creative trio share a wealth of experience in fashion design, marketing, social work, human resources and business management. Together with refugee women from all over the globe; they create clothing made from repurposed materials in good condition.

From Found

Unlike mass manufactured clothing;From Found offers unique handmade garments which are a collective effort and offer a more sustainable and ethical option for fashion lovers.

How can you help? Donating money to this cause, you could also donate those good materials that never saw the light of day or by purchasing their finished products (keep an eye on their online shop , opening soon!)

Australian Refugee Association

Established in 1975 by a group of volunteers who helped those arriving in Australia from Vietnam. These days the ARA has over 600 volunteers involved in different aspects of this organisation, all with a main goal: to improve the lives of those under humanitarian visas.

ARA has a wide range of volunteering positions to suit your skills, interests and learning goals too, if you are currently studying a course related to this wide subject; volunteering for the ARA will enable you to put everything you know to practice!

Some of the programs offered are migration team, employment services, youth projects, ARA furniture, help desk, admin and reception, youth mentor program, homework club, promotions team and social support program. Whatever your skill level or availability, there is a program to suit your needs and become involved.

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