Vodice - Summer Paradise in Croatia

Vodice - Summer Paradise in Croatia


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Gently hugged by a perfectly blue tranquil sea, with gorgeous soft beach sand taunting the waves is the best way to describe the coastal wide bay town of Vodice, Croatia. It is not only heaven on earth but also the place to go if you are the type of "anything goes" tourist. Quiet and tranquil is certainly the ideal description for this majestic town with its ornate church and "Old World charm", but Vodice is not only known for its beauty. Vodice is the place to be if you are a diehard partygoer!

Summertime is when this town starts beating on its own drum and is when sleepy in winter turns in vibrant summer party fun. Every single element of the town brims with excitement and expectation while tourists get to choose between several top accommodation rentals that range from dirt cheap and classy to elaborate and pricey. However, the pride that this Croatian town's people have comes through in their hospitality, clean hotels and various accommodation options on offer.

Unlike other well-known "party" cities, Vodice is not aimed at only allowing a select few to come and enjoy the nightlife and clubs, they have made it affordable for everyone to come and live it up all summer long. One aspect of Vodice's parties is that a lot of though and time goes into preparing each one to ensure that tourists and guest get the ultimate experience.

Accommodation rentals in Vodice can be found throughout the town and each has its own little bit of paradise to offer guests. There is no limit to what tourist can experience as Vodice caters for everyone, including those who perhaps want a quiet holiday, but those adrenalin junkies who are on a constant all-time high will not have one second of boredom or rest.

During the day one can either laze on a carpet of beach sand while the sun caresses your skin or you can hop onto a boat for a tour of the islands and its breathtaking waterfalls, go hiking, parachuting, take part in numerous water activities and push your thrill seeking abilities to the absolute limit. You can also visit the beautiful National Park Kornati, which is close to Vodice. Of course somewhere in your schedule you would need to catch up on sleep, but that won't pose a problem either as all the areas accommodation rentals focus on meeting your every need.

When the sun finally sets or rather as the sun sets, you will start to feel the atmosphere change from sleepy relaxation to supercharged party mode. Pick you spot under the stars and get ready to party the night away, head off to one of the islands most well-known club which accommodates 2 000 people and enjoy dancing the night away with some of the best DJs in the world!

The beautiful Vodice will definitely be the one holiday destination to add to any bucket list and the combined beauty of the area with the friendly people to the gorgeous cuisine on offer all make Vodice the best place to head to for a once in a lifetime experience.

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