Seven Spectacular Vivid Experiences For Every Year

Seven Spectacular Vivid Experiences For Every Year


Posted 2023-06-16 by Ashleigh Meiklefollow

Fri 26 May 2023 - Sat 17 Jun 2023

Every year people grapple with when to go to Vivid, how crowded it is going to be, and any alternative vantage points. Having attended Vivid several times over the years, and in a range of ways, I have found a few ways to see the light instalments without having to tackle too many crowds. I have put together a little guide on different areas based on research and what I have done over the years.

1[LINK=]. Taronga Zoo

Every year since 2016, Taronga Zoo has had the Wild Lights precinct for Vivid. Unlike the free events that are always jam packed, the ticketed event with sessions starting at different times (varying from year to year) has meant that it is not always crowded. The best time to go is mid-week and towards the end of the three-week event.

2. Hodgson's Lookout Park at Kurraba Point

This year, one of the places I stopped off at after the Wild Lights event was Hodgson's Lookout Park at Kurraba Point. It looks out over the harbour, and towards the bridge and the Royal Botanic Gardens, so you can see the lights there for their event, Lightscape, as well as the bridge. Unfortunately, you can't see the Opera House lights from here, but it is a really nice view.

3. Kirribilli Foreshore

This one might be easier to get to by foot, public transport, or if you know how to navigate around this area in a car. I have read that it is a nice vantage point for the bridge and the Opera House, and this year, it was also said to be a good place to view the drone show, which I missed by one night this year.

4. Cremorne Point

This was another one I tried out, and got a few good pictures, and could at least see the bridge. I couldn't walk all the way down, but it sounds like if you're after a quieter spot for Vivid whenever it runs, this might be a good place to see it.

5. A Vivid Cruise

These very popular events run every year, and there are a range of cruises and cruise operators to choose from, like Captain Cook Cruises, Clearview Cruises and Fantasea Cruises for example – there are others, so if you want to do this during a Vivid event, find out which one is going to suit best. The cruise means you can see most things from the harbour, depending on the route your chosen cruise takes, and I found doing this one year in conjunction with walking around Circular Quay gave me a great experience.

6. Lavender Bay

If you're after an even more secret vantage point, I found out that Lavender Bay and Wendy Whiteley's Secret Garden will give you good views, and this is one that I would like to try one year to see Sydney Harbour, Circular Quay, Darling Harbour and Barangaroo – all Vivid precincts that are often very busy.

7. Carradah Point, Waverley

If you really want an out-of-the way vantage point for the Harbour Bridge and Barangaroo Vivid Lights, head to Carradah Point, Waverley and see what you can see, and watch the boats go by as well.
My experiences and research show that there is much more to Vivid than the city and Circular Quay – as awesome as these are because they change every year, I always think it is worth knowing what else there is, so you can plan a varied visit to Vivid, whether you go once, more than once, or stay over a night or two to experience as much as you can. Because there is so much, I myself often miss things, and my advice is to plan everything you want to do. I am looking forward to maybe checking some of these out next year as well.

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